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  1. Agreed. There’s no fisheye or a macro as far as I know. But I would be interested in the 20-60mm because that covers the range I typically use in m43.
  2. I haven’t looked at the S series cameras closely enough at this point. But the out-the-door costs of the bodies alone, plus housing them, is quite a lot of this is just a hobby. The lenses may hold some promise but I’d like to see users weigh in.
  3. I’m eagerly awaiting housing manufacturers to jump on this, driven in part on sales. I think the camera fills a gap in the Panasonic lineup.
  4. Any interest in the new full frame S5 from Panasonic? Also, I like the idea of a 20-60mm for general point and shooting underwater.
  5. You can have the housing retrofitted with the proper electric bits to fit the M16 vacuum. Quite expensive as I recall and not worth the cost, though I had that done. That’s a great price for the kit. The 12-50 port and gear is over $900 new.
  6. I think I’ll do it myself next time. This go-round was certainly an eye-opener.
  7. Reef Photo says $590 is the price for servicing the Nauticam NA EM1 mark2. Bummer.
  8. The servicing kit is $300 and the labor is $300. It’s apparently just the usual service: remove all the bits, clean, lube, adjust. It was under $200 if memory serves for the several housings I had serviced. What’s everyone else paying these days? This is from Backscatter in Monterrey.
  9. I just got a quote for servicing a Nauticam housing for the Olympus E-M1 mk2 from Backscatter and its $600, half of it for labor. I’ve had other housings serviced and I don’t recall the price being that high. Have I just been shooting on the cheap or what?
  10. The price now is USD $300 plus shipping and insurance to your country. Please message me privately if you’re interested.
  11. Price drop: $300 plus free shipping in the U.S. Outside the U.S. you pay shipping, handling and duties. PM me. Thanks
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