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  1. 15 minutes ago, Interceptor121 said:

    I know that article it has some errors

    Field of view is 94.38 degrees. The other lenses tested are 14mm so much wider and prone to issues

    Yes, you're right. But the takeaway is that the Nikkor 15mm is a damn good lens. I have one, along with the Nauticam adapter, but I have yet to put it to the test with mirrorless.

    Have you seen this: https://www.stevehuffphoto.com/2016/12/05/the-sony-a7r-underwater-with-the-iconic-nikonos-15mm-lens-by-scotty-graham/

  2. 7 hours ago, Interceptor121 said:

    The Sony full frame housing from Nauticam have an adapter to use Nikonos water contact lenses

    I have a few questions for users with experience of this lens on full frame cameras

    1. Aperture range -> the lens goes to f/2.8 and is equivalent to 20mm topside. How useable it really is at f/2.8 f/4? Especially f/4 seems very interesting for video

    2. Hyperfocal distance -> does the lens work as a 20mm topside lens or there is other logic?

    3. Working distance -> how close does it focus

    I am thinking about this lens for video not for photos however I realise most users like @Alex_Mustard use it for photos and most likely have the answers

    20mm is not a lot for photos but is almost ideal for video actually and the lens is rectilinear which is another plus

    check out this lens comparison on this very forum from 2014. https://wetpixel.com/articles/test-optical-performance-of-nikonos-15mm-flat-and-dome-ports

  3. 2 hours ago, Phil Rudin said:

    You may also want to consider the new Sony FE 20-70 F/4 announced yesterday. This new lens is a constant F/4 across the zoom range and also focuses at 25cm across the full range, so about 1:2.5 at the 70mm end. I suspect this lens will be ideal for video and stills use. It has all the latest Sony lens tech including the ultra fast focus motors.

    That range sounds like a good all-rounder, and focusing a bit closer is a plus.

  4. For sale is a used CWS Recsea RX100mkIV housing in good working condition. Serviced last year and checked out for a handful of dives. This durable plastic housing is a less expensive version of Recsea's compact aluminum housing, and works beautifully. Allows for use of the front dial and all pertinent buttons. Dual o-rings. Takes M67 screw in accessories, including flip diopter holders, wide angle wet lenses, and close up diopters. Allows for firing fiber optic TTL strobes. There are small marks on the housing, and the lens port is pretty clean. This houses the Sony RX100 iv, v and va. I have the mark V, not included. New, this was $530. Selling for $250 including fees and shipping. Returns accepted 30 days, you pay insured shipping and returns. Thanks!








  5. On 5/7/2022 at 2:32 PM, mochikat said:

    The A7C has the same sensor and AF performance as the A7III I believe - and I have heard the A7RIV is a huge step up in AF performance 

    The other thing that intrigued me about the A1 is the 1/400 sync speed - my A7C can only do 1/160 although I've been shooting up to 1/250 and the black bar on top is not too noticeable and can easily be cropped - it does cover 1/3 of the frame at 1/320 tho.  


    Some observations: 

    1) I’ve used the A7c and A7iii. Continuous focusing/tracking is much better with the A7c. The A7c AF may compare to the older A7riv, but it’s quite a bit stickier and less prone to jumping off a subject compared to the A7iii. The higher end bodies, which I’ve not used, should be even better I expect.

    2) The Sony 90 macro isn’t the fastest at autofocusing. But it is sharp and perfectly serviceable if you can get it to awaken from slumber. A contrasty subject and a staying within a set range is helpful. (I wish for a slower (f4-5.6), macro with 1.5x magnification and AF.  What say you #Sony? Canon’s RF 100 f2.8 does 1.4x.)

    3) My Nauticam flash trigger allows me to cheat the 1/160th flash sync, which I typically use at 1/200th. I try to get around the sync speed by dialing down ISO. 

    — Craig Fujii (Waipahu, HI)

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  6. Selling a Sony mini flash trigger, (26302), used and functions as intended. This is a duplicate I don't need, from a purchase of multiple grouped items. These take common button batteries, last a helluva long time without worries of dead flash batteries. Manual exposures only. I used this with my A7c. $200 includes Paypal fees and shipping to points in the US via USPS. Returns on your dime.




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