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  1. I've had a lot of people wanting to haggle about the price. Some wanted the lens, others didn't. And I just put the gears back on the lens, which is a chore, so I'm going to leave them on. The item will be listed on eBay until sold, so consider this item closed on wetpixel. Thanks.
  2. The port, gears, lens will be listed on eBay until sold. Thanks.
  3. Port and gear are still available. Price is now $325 with free shipping to the U.S. Mainland. Photos of the item are available at this link: http://humuhumuscuba.smugmug.com/Family/150529auction/n-cC4wZv/
  4. I've had mine for a couple of years. No issues, except th case of operator error. I typically use the optical cables, too, and they're typically reliable. I have, on occasion, failed to turn on the camera strobe; inserted batteries incorrectly; inserted the cables incorrectly (e.g., on a YS-01); had a second strobe set incorrectly to slave, and finally, had the cables incorrectly set up. We live. We learn. Good luck.
  5. The port and gear are still available. Price is now $425 with free shipping to the U.S. Mainland.
  6. The focus gear has been sold. The port / gear / lens is still available. Price dropped to $575 for all. Thanks.
  7. Howdy. Selling a couple of things: Nauticam 36162 macro port and gears for Olympus 12-50mm. $450 plus shipping. There is a small scratch on the front glass, and signs of wear, but the unit functions perfectly, and includes a spare o-ring. The lens comes extra for $150 = $600 total. This port is $800 new without a lens. Nice lens for moderate wide shooting, and a little reach for skittish critters. Also able to shoot not-quite-true macro. Photos: http://humuhumuscuba.smugmug.com/Family/150529auction/n-cC4wZv/ Nauticam 36149 focusing gear for Olympus 60 f/2.8 macro. $125 plus shipping. Used a couple of times but found I wasn't using manual focus. Perfect shape. Photos: http://humuhumuscuba.smugmug.com/Family/150529auction2/n-fQMsKq/ Payment by Paypal preferred to humuscuba@gmail.com. I will ship USPS to the USA and Canada. Elsewhere, you are responsible for any fees, taxes, or duties. Do let me know if you have any problems with the items, and you may return this for a refund of the purchase price. You will be responsible for insured return shipping. Thanks. Craig
  8. A fisheye underwater is a wonderful thing. Getting close enough, or being patient enough, for the right situation is the issue. If you're just after happy snaps - and my guess is that if you're on this site you're after something a bit better than that - than the 9-18mm will do. The Panasonic is priced right and compact. Focuses very closely, and is quite sharp all said. Not sure spending the extra money for the new Olympus is worth it, unless you have loads of discretionary income, in which case we can be new best friends.
  9. I've been happily using the Panasonic 8mm with this port, but I'm wondering how the Olympus 9-18 might fare in that port using a 20mm extension? It will fit, but will the curvature of the port make for unacceptable corner softness? Appreciate the help.
  10. Was this Zen port specific for the Olympus 9-18? Or a wider, more curved dome for fish-eye? I'm curious because I just picked up a 9-18 and I wonder how it might fare with a fisheye dome, which I already have for the Panasonic 8mm. The good people at Bluewater Photo say that image quality at the edges will likely be pronounced.
  11. The Panasonic FE is a great lens underwater. Unfortunately, it looks like the dome port isn't quite wide enough, and because of the lens' properties (not rectilinear), lines will curve. The 7-14mm should focus closer than 40 cm, and closer to 25 cm, according to specifications. On the 7mm photos you posted, what is the problem?
  12. Hi. I'm interested in your gear. I am, however, visiting the island of Bonaire at the moment - away from my home of Hawsii. I respect your wish not to use PayPal but we could have this over and done today if you did. There are no charges to you using a "friends and family" transfer of funds. Regards, Craig Fujii Waipahu, Hawaii.
  13. You might check ASMP rates. And try to retain rights to use the images for your own self-promotion if you make some images that are portfolio-worthy. Seems a bit low to me. Back in the 80s, an average editorial day rate was about $300/day plus expenses. This doesn't sound like it's going to net you much more.
  14. Some really nice wide angle stuff there!
  15. I, too, am sorry you had a bad experience with this dealer. It could have been a simple mistake on his/her part - or not. I have used Ikelite equipment, and I have had a number of things serviced by their shop in Indiana. I think they're a very good manufacturer, and It's unfair to characterize their entire company as somehow untrustworthy because of a mistake. I'm glad it's all sorted out.
  16. Taiki-san - did you sell the reefnet snoot yet?
  17. Hi. I'm interested in the strobes if you're willing to part out the kit. I'm an Olympus shooter, too, but I have Nauticam housings. Thanks. Craig in Oahu.
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