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  1. If anyone has one you're not using, reach out. Gracias. Mahalo. Arigato and thanks.Nauticam M67 Flip Diopter Holder for 36137 Port.htm
  2. Caleb - saw one on eBay. Check it out. Craig (humu797) https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F292651876722
  3. Can you send a pay request to PayPal to humuscuba@gmail.com and that will come with my mailing address, etc. Thanks & best regards, Craig Fujii
  4. Im interested in the flip diopter if it fits m67 ports. How much for shipping and handling to Waipahu, Hawaii 96797? Thanks. Craig
  5. The rated battery life on many models of camera is just over 200 frames (think Canon compacts). It seems such a large expenditure of thought and energy (no pun intended) when it may be easier to carry a towel, open the back and change a battery at some point during your surface interval!
  6. Beautifully done! Thanks for that. Craig humu797 Waipahu, Hawaii
  7. Welcome to the forums! Craig humu797 Waipahu, Hawaii
  8. Welcome ReillyF, me723, waterbaby, TomWePixelAccount, Yana nos, hubcapjoe, acmccown, cmccosta, Perdix, Diverdave07, Rommel. Im Craig and Im in Oahu, Hawaii. Cheers all!
  9. Welcome Reilly! Craig Waipahu, Hawaii
  10. Hi Marko. I visited Zagreb once to see a journalist friend. I wanted to visit Zadar and Split but did not have the time. Again, welcome to wetpixel. It is a great forum. Best, Craig
  11. Hi Jim. You might try posting in the classifieds section. What Nauticam kit do you have? Craig Oahu, Hawaii Welcome! Craig Waipahu, Hawaii Welcome! Not much diving in Zagreb I suspect but it should be lovely in Zadar! Craig Waipahu, Hawaii You might try posting in Classifieds. Very popular the m43 line. I shoot an M5 with various lenses in Nauticam housing. Welcome! Craig Waipahu, Hawaii Welcome! The question of the day is: how old are those teeth?! ;-) Craig Waipahu, Hawaii Welcome! The question of the day is: how old are those teeth?! ;-) Craig Waipahu, Hawaii Welcome! I find the Meikons are not bad! Craig Waipahu, Hawaii Welcome! Anders, you might scan the classifieds. Craig Waipahu, Hawaii Hi Peter. Welcome! Craig Waipahu, Hawaii
  12. Hi Elena. Be fearless! The S95 is a nice little camera. You will be able to pick one up second hand if your housing is still serviceable. I think many of us have lost cameras. Ive even had a new point and shoot float away when I thought I had it clipped to my BC! Do make certain that you remove, clean and lightly relive the o-ring with every session. Best, Craig Waipahu, Hawaii Thats relube not relive (oops) Thats relube not relive (oops)
  13. Hi. Im an ED NP in Hawaii. Been a photographer for 38 years, with several years (80s) as a Seattle Times staff photographer. Shooting underwater is a whole nother can of worms but great fun. The biggest thing you can do to improve images underwater is get close and use an off-camera strobe or two. You can make some good images with your Olympus. Regards, Craig Fujii Waipahu, Hawaii
  14. Hi Gareth. Theres a classified section where you will be able to post your item. Regards, Craig in Waipahu, Hawaii
  15. Welcome Jim. Its a great forum to learn and grow with regards to shooting underwater, which we know is way different from above water shooting. Hopefully every question you have can be answered here. Best, Craig Waipahu, Hawaii
  16. I hope you find one that works for you. I tend to wear long sleeves and hats rather than sunscreen. It aint sexy but works for me. Being coral and fish-safe is important. Here in Hawaii the legislature is working on banning sun screens with oxybenzone and its derivatives which are allegedly harmful to coral.
  17. Looks good! I see the Inon UWL vignetted a bit.
  18. Or, you could stick with what youve got if youre happy with the results. The kit youre using is good for that. I like the idea of shooting wide and macro on a single dive but I shout mostly stills. I tried out the WWL-1 and that thing was a beast (heavy and unwieldy). Great optics and the ability to zoom through but handling is also a consideration not to mention the cost.
  19. ULCS is pretty good. Expandable with different lengths. Floats if need. All of them seem to loosen and slip after a while.
  20. Sometimes its hard making a good picture. Id bet a hawkfish regardless. Sometimes its hard making a good picture. Id bet a hawkfish regardless.
  21. Ive had that strobe problem with Ikelite (Canon SLR) using Ikelite strobes. I wonder if it might go away with a fiber optic cable?
  22. Threadfin hawkfish (Cirrhitychthys aprinus)?
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