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  1. I love my Nauticam housing but hate how the white paint on the engraved labels on the housing fade out over time. How can one replace the lettering? I know that they can do it when you send the housing in for service but what is best way to do this between times? Thanks!
  2. I have a related but not quite related question. I have the 45 and the 180 viewfinder. I've always been too chicken to test but is one able to safely rotate the 45 degree viewfinder either direction while in water in use to change the camera orientation?
  3. There are several of us making a first time trip on the Manthiri in the Maldives at the end of March. We are trying to decide exactly what the options are and lighten the baggage. We all know of the large “critters” there and the need for medium to wide angle lenses. But, considering the average dive conditions there ( ie-currents, etc.), are there many opportunities for anything else such as macro? Thanks for everyone’s input!
  4. Mine is never positive regardless of which lens/port combo I am using. I have a Tokina 10-14mm with the small Zen dome, a Sigma 17-70mm that I use behind a Zen 170mm dome and both a Nikon 110mm and a Nikon 60mm that I use behind a Nauticam Port 30 with the necessary rings for each combo. I am using a Nauticam housing with both a 7100 and a 7200 body. I also use the Nauticam accessory viewfinders. I have an accessory ball on the top of each arm for a total of 4; Nauticam 8" float arms proximal and Nauticam regular stick arms distally with twin Inon 240 strobes. I also have a Sola Photo on one ball and a GoPro Hero 3+ on the remaining ball. This set-up requires 8 clamps with it. I had to swap the 8" regular float arms for the 8" fat arms. Doing this changed me from being 3# heavy to just 1/2 # negative. I just finished 2 weeks of diving and it was a breeze to handle the camera like this. Why do you need such a large dome? Hard with travelling and much more air space. Are you using and air filled arms?
  5. Tokina 10-17 for wide Sigma 17-70 for general purpose--a compromise between macro and wide Nikon 60 for macro--great but short focusing distance Nikon 105--best for macro Will need appropriate ports, domes and extention tubes.
  6. All depends upon what your total rig is. I went with what the folks at ReefPhoto told me and have discovered that I am in fact 3# negative. I just ordered a new set of larger (more buoyant) arms to make it more neutral. What is your total package, piece by piece. It makes a difference so without knowing, you will not know until you try it in water.
  7. You are correct Elmer but there seems to a difference of opinions. I am in favor of slightly negative and never realized that I was 3# negative until I checked it. Getting closer to neutral will be a change for the better. BTW--just ordered 2 of the 3.5x8" Nauticam arms to try. That adds 46 ounces of positive. Will be interested to see how that changes my larger dome buoyancy.
  8. I weighed my current set-up in saltwater with my various lens/port/extension tube combinations. I use a Nikon 7200 in a Nauticam housing with twin Inon 240 strobes. I also have a Sola light and Go-Pro attached too. I use 2 8" stick arms and 2 8"X2" diameter float arms. I always knew I was somewhat negative but discovered that I am between 2 and 3 pounds negative for every lens combo I use. Should I continue to use it like this or should I add floats or change my stick arms to floaters to get more neutral? What do you think and what if anything would you change?
  9. I use a D7100 with both lenses. Honestly I use the 17-70 more than the 10-17. When/where I go dictates that I may see either end of the spectrum and the 17-70 at least lets me do semi-macro and semi-wide angle. No, it is not as good a wide angle as my 10-17 and it is also not as good as a 60 or 105 for macro, but it is a good all-purpose trade-off.
  10. I am using a D7100 inside a Nauticam housing. I have 2 Inon strobes hooked up via fiberoptics. How can I set the camera to force flash EVERY shot. It usually does but occasionally they fail to fire despite being charged. What camera settings should I have to insure this? Thanks!
  11. Any thought to selling the port and cover separately?
  12. Are you keeping it whole or ready to part it out?
  13. Is anything still unsold?
  14. Subject line says it all. Thanks!
  15. Is this item still available and how would you like to handle the transfer?
  16. Did everything sell or what is left. Thanks!
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