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  1. A little late to this thread, but as far as your original idea to use the AOI housing /12-40 combination- I currently use the M1-mkI in the Oly housing, which has the same port system. The 12-40 is my most commonly used lens because of it's versatility, and I use it in an Inon glass 170mm dome originally intended for the old 4/3 system (with an adapter and 2" extension). I used that set up with the Olympus 7-14 until I sold the lens, and now I use the PL8-18 in that combination (It's a good bet the new 8-25 will work as well if you can figure out a zoom gear). It's nice to be able to switch from normal to wide on the same trip, and by removing the 2" extension I can use the Olympus 8mm fisheye. Overall, it's a pretty economical set up (if that term even applies to this hobby); here's the dome: http://www.divervision.com/inon-dome-port-olympus-with-protector-ii-set-for-zuiko-digital-ed-8mm-f3.5-fisheye-456212143338.html?search=Inon Dome With some careful searching online and through ebay you can likely piece my set up together nowadays for less than $1000 (not counting lenses / gears). I haven't looked too closely at AOI ports but my guess is they also have something workable, although you'd likely have to go acrylic to keep the costs down.
  2. Any particular reason why you're not considering the Olympus 30mm? The wider aperture with the Panasonic is irrelevant underwater (and really, with macro in general), it's cheaper, and you can use focus stacking topside with the M1mkIII. The Olympus is my default night dive lens anywhere, and I often use it during daytime dives here in the murky PNW. It accounts for a surprisingly amount of my pics topside as well, primarily because it focuses a lot faster than the 60 (easily on par with other Oly primes). According to Olympus, it's a 2:1 but I don't think there's a port that will get you there underwater. One possible negative is that supposedly it doesn't play nice with add-on wet lenses (I haven't tried), but I'm guessing that's more a factor of the working distance than any optical properties.
  3. Looks like a reviewer took it underwater. You can jump to the 21:36 mark:
  4. Really tried talking myself into this lens because of the extended range over my PL8-18 and the fact that I generally like Olympus Pro rendering over Panasonic. Width wise, it would still fit in the 170mm dome I use on an Oly OMD housing, but with the extended length over the 8-18 and the 12-40 I'd have to add another extension ring. Right now, I can switch back and forth from the 12-40 and 8-18 without changing anything on the housing; really don't want to give that up. Still, I'm looking forward to seeing what Humu and other early adopters can do with what will surely be an excellent lens.
  5. Bought this used, thinking I was going to switch housing brands but decided to go another route. $165, includes free USPS or UPS shipping to CONUS.
  6. A little bit of a contrary opinion, but I much prefer the Oly 30mm. I shoot an M1 in an Olympus housing with their dedicated macro port. Yeah, you give up some magnification due to the port size but it focuses so much faster than the 60 that my hit rate goes up considerably. It's my default night dive lens because- in the PNW- you never know what you're going to get, from fish portraits to nudis to what have you. Plus, it's a cheap lens- no reason not to pick it up and do some experimentin'.
  7. Man, if that's true I'll name my first born child after you. I'm 50 and single, but hey...
  8. Oh for pete's sake- I just bought an M1mkIII last week; I would have held out if I knew this was on the way
  9. Is it possible that some of the more extreme examples are lens-dependent? Olympus cameras have a different UV cut-off on the sensor filter, which leads to issues like purple blobs from the Panasonic 7-14. There's also an issue with banding from the P20 1.7, but I believe that has a separate root cause than the filter...
  10. I'm intrigued by this lens for underwater use. Here's why: I currently shoot an M1 with a 170mm Inon dome. With a 2" extension, that dome works with the Panasonic 8-18, Olympus 12-40, and Olympus 7-14 2.8. Possibly more, but those are what I can personally confirm. When I remove the 2" extension, the Olympus 8mm works great. My thinking is that the the 12-45 may- possibly-might just work in the dome without the extension as well. IF that also holds true for the upcoming 8-25 Olympus lens, then that could simplify travel and reduce monkeying around with my port. There's no need for f2.8 underwater, and the price really isn't that bad. For the OP, the 12-45 would give them the ability to shoot a Pro zoom lens in a Pen-style housing. As far as a zoom gear, I suggest reaching out to Deepshots to see if they have anything on the horizon.
  11. Any of the E-M1's will have better C-AF performance the the M5II (or the g7). As Chris said, S-AF is the way to go for your combo underwater. I used the 9-18 behind a flat port for a few months, and I don't really remember a lot of issues with S-AF and missed focus. It's not the fastest focusing lens out there, so I agree with others that getting the right release priority should help. That said- the Zen dome port is cheap and really improves the usability of the lens. The port system of the Oly housing for the M5II is pretty limiting. Great for macro, but if you shoot rectilinear wide angle the M1 mk 1 with a bigger dome and better lenses (12-40, 7-14, 8-18) doesn't cost that much more in the scheme of things and will get you better results. Also, if you're ok with a fisheye you can shoot the Oly 8mm in your housing with a different port.
  12. Bummer- I've never had a problem with the ergonomics on Oly M43 housings, and I'm in dry gloves. Half the price (or less), lighter weight, plenty of similarly cheaper/lighter ports- that's pretty compelling, especially for my diving (a good mix of rugged shore entries and warm water travel).
  13. This is now the 3rd OMD release without a housing from Olympus; kind of a bummer as their housings were a nice economical alternative to Nauticam (even more so when factoring in ports).
  14. I haven't even thought about taking my 60mm underwater since I got the Olympus 30mm; it's much more flexible for dives with varying sizes of critters. If you know you're going for super macro, the 60 is the only way to go but otherwise I find the 30mm much easier to use. One other thought- the Olympus 12-40 has close focus capabilities, and it's a great generalist lens that does pretty darn good for smaller things. I currently shoot it behind a 170mm dome to take advantage of the wide end, but I initially shot it behind the Olympus PPO-E02 flat port from the old 4/3 system. While cheaper than anything similar from Nauticam, it is still adaptable to their housings. The 60mm works well in that port, and Reef Wreck and Critter can sell you a swing away diopter holder as well. I didn't do a whole lot of shooting with a diopter, but I did do enough to know that the 12-40 works great in that port at the long end with a diopter (see example slug photo).
  15. I used to have the 7-14, but sold it to get the Panasonic 8-18; I'm happy I did as the Panny has a more useful range underwater, plus it's a lot more practical topside. Both are / were fine in my 170mm Inon dome / M1/Oly housing. All that said, I rarely go for the 8-18 as I use the 12-40 for almost all my diving. It's typically wide enough, and the ability to get near-macro shots at 40mm is pretty handy. It's a great generalist option, and it accounts for probably 75% of my underwater photos- the rest being some combination of the 8-18, Oly 30mm (in the Olympus macro port), and Oly 8mm (in the same Inon dome, just without the 2" extension needed for the zooms). If your dives are like a box of chocolates and you never know what you're going to get, the 12-40 is the way to go.
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