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  1. Hi- it should work just fine as the instructions for the housing refer to OMD ports. The good thing about the M5mkIII housing is that it has vacuum analysis, so you would know right away if the port is sealing.
  2. Bump- price reduced to $225 for the macro port, and $50 for the basic port.
  3. The 12-40 is easily my most used lens underwater; If I can expect viz over 50' I may switch to the Panasonic 8-18, and for truly spectacular viz or situations where I want a smaller form factor I'll use the Olympus 8mm. I used all three lenses in the same Inon 170mm dome port (plus the Oly 7-14 when I had it) without issue. I have recently made the switch from my M1mkI / Oly housing to the M1mkIII / AOI housing- I haven't had a chance to dive with the 12-40 in that combo yet, but testing it with the AOI PEN/OMD port adapter shows that it works fine without vignetting. Here's what you'll need: Inon dome port intended for the old 4/3 system: http://www.divervision.com/inon-dome-port-olympus-with-protector-ii-set-for-zuiko-digital-ed-8mm-f3.5-fisheye-456212143338.html note- this port is glass, not acrylic. Buy once, cry once, but really it's pretty reasonable for such a big glass dome. PAD-EP08 adapter to go from 4/3 to OMD: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/917611-REG/olympus_v6360360w000_pad_ep08_port_adapter.html 1" Olympus extension to go between the adapter and the port: https://www.amazon.com/Olympus-260506-PORT-UW-PER-E01/dp/B000B8VTQU From there, use the PEN / OMD adapter and you're all set- about a thousand bucks, maybe less if you can find stuff on e-bay or through classifieds. That said- I believe the guy I was dealing with at Backscatter mentioned that AOI was working on a dome for use with Pro lenses in PEN housings, but for now we have to cobble things together. To your other question- while it's possible you could use the Oly 8mm in my combination by removing the 1" extension, the Panasonic 8mm is probably too short to do so without vignetting (on the OMD housing, removing the 2" extension worked perfectly with the Oly 8mm- you'll end up with an inch of extension with the AOI housing because of the port adapter). Changing the extension ring is a bit of a pain in the ass, too- get out the oil filter wrenches. I found a good deal on an open box small dome for the Oly 8m in PEN housings so I just went with that.
  4. Yes, but I'm leaving on a trip later this week so it'll be a while as I'm super busy trying to get everything taken care of. This video from AOI's facebook page does a pretty good job of illustrating how the system works, though- probably better than I could do: https://www.facebook.com/AoiUw/videos/634068084436591 Sorry, don't know- if I had to guess, the teeth are probably fine but their newest port chart only shows the 12-45 working with the port adapter.
  5. Got the Pen / OMD port adapter from Backscatter; it's a pretty clever design- kudos to AOI for solving this engineering challenge. Shockingly in this day and age, the price was pretty reasonable, too. The only bummer is that I can't get my Panasonic 8-18 to fit. As I noted in the post above, zoom gears are mounted backwards compared to the usual fashion, and- at least with the 12-40- the gear mounts from the lens toward the base. I use a Deepshots zoom gear for the 8-18, and while it reverses to the new orientation easily enough, it is ever so slightly too fat to fit through the port adapter. I'll see if I can find a friend with a lathe and turn it down enough to fit, but I have to admit it's tempting to use this as an excuse to get the Oly 8-25...
  6. Do it! While the 12-40 with the Olympus zoom gear just barely fits in the housing (with the lens mounted from the front), the zoom gear doesn't want to work, presumably because reasons. The AOI PEN / OMD port adapter has a gear so my guess, based on the OM-1 press release with new port chart is that the new AOI zoom gears mount backwards from the Olympus zoom gears, i.e. with the gears toward the front element, in order to engage with the gear in the adapter. I ordered the Pen/OMD adapter and 12-40 zoom gear and sold my Oly zoom gear so I'm all in at this point. You will likely need an OMD style port; I'll let you know how it works with my Inon 170mm dome if you're interested My experience with the AOI housing this weekend was positive, but because I was in a river with lots of current I didn't really put it through it's paces. Buttons were easy to use with dry gloves, and I was able to make adjustments as needed. I felt that the front control wheel was a little harder to use because of it's placement, but that is probably more due to muscle memory from my Oly housing rather than a design flaw. I didn't bring strobes because of the current, and that's the bigger question- it's not totally clear that I can get TTL - or really, any functionality- with the AOI trigger in non-AOI strobes lacking the Olympus RF function. I assume so, but you know what they say when you assume. Kind of not related to the topic exactly, but I came ashore after a bit and switched out the Olympus f1.8 8mm fisheye for the Panasonic f1.7 9mm. I was using a dome designed for the Oly lens, and although the corners were pretty bad it at least confirms that the lens will work in this kind of dome. It might be better at smaller apertures but I didn't get an opportunity to do comparison shots. Not coincidentally, I'm still sore from swimming against the current so much. Here's a couple of shots- the diver with the fisheye, the trout with the PL 9mm.
  7. Just switched to an AOI housing that takes PEN ports, so I no longer need this PPO-EP03 OMD macro port. Much to my surprise, I even have the original box. $250, includes shipping and Paypal fees for CONUS. Also, if anyone needs the plain old basic PPO-EP01 OMD port, I've got one for $75.
  8. Just received my housing today from Backscatter- looks pretty good from my kitchen table. I've been asked to shoot at a training dive for our local county sheriff dive team this weekend, so we'll see how it goes. A couple notes: It's noticeably smaller and lighter than the Olympus housing for my M1mkI; it's one thing to look at dimensions online, it's another to hold it in your hand. The smaller form factor has an impact on ergonomics- gripping it will be a challenge, especially in cold water with thick gloves. The AEL button is triggered with a trigger, and it's right where your right thumb would rest. I can tell I'll have to disable the AEL button in camera, or I'll have to grip the tray handle (not my preference). Other than that, the control layout is actually improved over my old housing. I'm greatly relieved that AOI is releasing an OMD port adapter so I can use my 170mm dome with the 12-40. It should also work with my Panasonic 8-18. I picked up an open box Inon 5.2" dome for the Olympus 8mm from another vendor- I'll shoot with that this weekend. It's shocking how much smaller the combo is than the bigger dome. Again, dimensions online vs in the hand (although split shots are probably not worthwhile now). Can't wait for this weekend!
  9. Be nice if they shipped the E-M1mkIII housing they promised for May before producing this one, but I'm not bitter I will say it's a bit of a relief to have a little more detail about the PEN/OMD port adapter- really don't want to have to buy a new dome if I don't have to.
  10. Probably some weird setting deep in the menus. At this point, it probably makes sense to "reset all", if that's possible. Make note of any custom settings you've built, and start over.
  11. The only thing I can think of is if you've got some weird setting for auto exposure lock. I don't think the E-PL10 has an AEL button like the OMD cameras I'm used to, so you may have to dive into the menu and look for a manual online.
  12. Ah- low viz west coast diving As far as going with a shorter adapter- I agree, and personally I don't do supermacro with my 50 yr old eyes. The thing with the 30 is that it does give you some flexibility for medium sized stuff- it's really, really good for cooperative rockfish portraits, anemones, etc. You'll like Puget Sound- places like Hood Canal and other protected areas are just so dang easy after surf entries.
  13. Hey Dann- I use the Olympus PPO-EP03 macro port intended for OMD housings for both the 60 and 30 lenses (I'm shooting an EM-1 mkI in an Olympus housing). I'm guessing you have the AOI housing for the EM-10? If so, it uses the PEN housings so this exact port is a no go; I was just pointing out that I use the 30 in a port intended for the 60 with no field of view isues. Yes, I loose the ability to get really close (and therefore into true macro 1:1 range), but it was the only option at the time before AOI released all their various ports. The FLP-06 looks like it's threaded to add a wet lens, presumably 67mm. That is the case with the Olympus port, so if the FLP-06/ adapter combo is not super long it should work with the 30. That said, I took a quick look at the AOI website, and they also offer a a 24mm adapter- that might work better and save you from having to buy another port if you really wanted to get in as close as possible. Based on your sample photos the 30, IMO, should be just fine. It's my default lens for Puget Sound night dives and Oregon dives where I know my viz is less than 6 ft. Yes, diving in that low of viz is dumb but you gotta do what you gotta do to keep your gills wet.
  14. I rarely use the 60mm anymore as my Olympus 30mm is just so much easier to work with- much faster AF on both CF and PDAF bodies, a more practical focal length (for me), etc. In fact, I don't even pack the 60 for dive trips. It's not so much the focusing distance as it is the overall usability. Although I shoot through the Oly macro port intended for both lenses, you can get a shorter AOI port dedicated to the 30 that reduces the overall form factor and allows you to get even closer than you can illuminate effectively with strobes. Love the 30- it's part of what I call my giggle trinity with the Olympus 8mm f1.8 and Olympus 300 f4- lenses that are so amazing and fun to use that they really get my creativity going. Add in the price point, and you really don't have a lot to loose.
  15. Thought I would also chime in to this old zombie thread, especially since someone asked about one transmitter and two computers. I run a single transmitter feeding info to a Shearwater Teric on my wrist and a Hollis DG 03(?) on a float arm. The Hollis has the original buckle-type strap, and in order to allow it to cinch down enough to stay in place I have it over a section of inner tube. Also, never noticed any interference from the strobes firing.
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