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  1. Keen to try out the Nikonos 15mm on my Sony A7SII if I can find a good deal on an adapter, thanks!
  2. You are correct, it was disabled by default for Members.
  3. Hi TimG You should now be able to manage this setting: - click on your name top right and choose Account Settings - choose Notification Settings in the right hand panel - the first part of the page is some general settings but if you scroll down you will find controls to setup exactly what gets sent as an email and/or a notification cheers tag
  4. Hi Davide DB I have enabled Cover Photos for all members. If you click on your name in the top right and then select profile you should now be able to choose a cover photo.
  5. Thanks for the bug reports guys. - I have re-enabled signatures. - we are aware of the 0% profile issue, it is not registering complete profile if any of the fields are empty, I'm looking at it now. - we will find a better solution for recent topics, please bear with us!
  6. Thanks Adam, and thank you everyone for your patience! Hopefully we've ironed out most of the issues from the update and server migration but if you find anything amiss please let us know. One thing I've just spotted is the country flag under a members details is not working, I will try to get that fixed asap. cheers tsg
  7. Thanks Walt & Vondo - I'm expecting to get some additional scrutiny with all this weird and wonderful gear
  8. I would like to take my full setup in my carry-on. Am I going to have any issues going through TSA with camera housing, strobes, strobe arms etc? Mostly concerned with if there is any risk of the strobe arms being confiscated? Anyone taken float / regular strobe arms through TSA before?
  9. I won a Drobo 5N2 NAS in a photo competition, but I don't need another NAS, so I'm looking for a buyer! Add 1 or more drives to get started. Add more drives as necessary to increase capacity. 5 drive bays (3.5” SATA or SSD) Drobo Disaster Recovery technology 2x Gigabit Ethernet (cables provided) Optional mSATA SSD improves performance up to 3X Power fail protection with battery backup BeyondRAID for advanced data protection More info: https://www.drobostore.com/products/drobo-5n2 $450USD including shipping within the US
  10. When you say the batteries are drained, are they really drained (have you tested voltage with a multmeter?). I think more likely you are getting the 'charge' lights on the strobes flashing red / green indicating that the strobe THINKS that the battteries are drained and the strobe stops firing? I have a YS-D1 that I cannot use on full power (I only shoot manual) as it will then stop working with the lights flashing. I have to turn the strobe on and off again to get it to fire again. Unfortunately, this is a known issue with the YS-D1s - they had numerous issues and problems with the firmware. See http://www.uwphotographyguide.com/sea-and-sea-ys-d1-firmware-update
  11. I'm fairly active on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tom.st.george- mainly cenote and cave diving photos.
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