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  1. THIS IS REALLY URGENT: Dear friends, divers & expats alike, One of our fellow diving, photography, marine life & conservation enthusiasts has fell really sick and is in very serious need of our help. Please check out this link: http://www.youcaring.com/medical-fundraiser/repatriation-fundraisor/123201 For those of you who may not have had the pleasure of knowing, diving with or being guided by Housi. He worked onboard Pindito for many years and was a fantastic dive guide and cruise director. He recently worked more land based with Mutiara Laut Silala... Just think about what if this was you or your best friend would you sit back and do nothing? Every dollar helps! Open your heart and help a brother...
  2. Here are a couple of other shrimps that I haven't been to ID. Still have managed to get a decent crustacean book! As you can see one specifically lives on Xenia and the other in Sargassum...
  3. Leslie, Thanks for the update on this! Please see the new topic about a few other shrimps I haven't got ID's on.
  4. Yeah, that looks like the one! We'll have plenty of time to go in search of other unusual critters soon hey! I take it you've seen the other one that lives in the Xenia? Thanks Graham
  5. Oops forgot to add the photos... I came across tiny shrimp on a nepthya soft coral and have still not got a decent crustacean ID book. Can anyone help? Has anyone else seen one of these, does anyone have a better photo as mine isn't so good! Thanks
  6. Alex, Wow, I love your eagle shot. You need to start doing more topside shooting. Have you done more topside work, that eagle is simply awesome? Is it a bald eagle?
  7. Scubastu/Cor, Thanks for the help here! So basically if I want fine detail work on glossy prints I can only really go as big as it says you can go in, say PhotoShop? But if I want to print much bigger I can upres to what ever I want... Is this right? If so what is the best way to upres? So far I've trying this by resizing in small stages. Plus, so far I've only been working with jpgs. I know there's a lot of talk about jpg's not being as high quality as raw or tiff or what ever. Though Jim Watt, who was probably the first really top digital UW shooter (and who probably sold more UW images than most pro's) only shot jpg's. SO what is the real difference between the formats for printing use... AND PLEASE - no long winded technical jargon replies that are gonna baffle the hell outta me... I only a dive gide n ain't so gud wiv stuf lyk dat!
  8. I know printers can go to any size, though I'm trying to find out is what size the image can go to without loosing quality?
  9. You are only getting 14 inch prints from a D200? I would have thought you'd get much bigger. Anyone else had any BIG prints done with their cameras?
  10. I know very little about printing, I had some prints done while I was in the US and was very impressed at how come they out. I'm not thinking of doing some more... I know that my Sony only does prints up to about 14inches. What is the biggest I can take photo's from Nikon D300 to, and what about other good digital camera's. I know the Hasselblad is probably the best for size, for what about a camera not so expensive???
  11. Hey come on post some little critter pix too! Oh Eric, you're loosing it mate! Stop trying play Dr. No emails on Mac and get back in the water, there's always cool stuff down there to shoot... Look forward to seeing more...
  12. OK OK, I'll rephrase this! They are not found on shallow reefs where divers ever see them alive. Is this better?
  13. Yeah no problem I saw in Horseshoe Bay, south Rinca!
  14. Hey this cool, I've found this a few times myself, even luckily managed to get a photo as well! Check out this link there, apart from lots of Indo-Pacific cephalopods, there is also a pair of bobtail squids mating too... Go to: Cephalopods
  15. Hi there Kristy, A partier too, sounds great... More party people on Wetpixel the better I say! Good luck with the photography, look forward to seeing some of your photo's on Wetpixel soon!
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