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  1. Thank you very much, AUTiger and Mattdiver. Unfortunately, the eel was quite some distance away and hence I could not get both into the same frame. Sorry about it. Cheers Eddie
  2. Thank you very much for the advice. Cheers Eddie
  3. Hi, Attached is a shot taken at Phuket. I was shooting morel eel but didn't notice this beauty fish and almost touch it. So I switch the subject to the scopionfish. However I am not too sure, from the shot, if this is a good angle as the scopionfish is quite hard to see. Please advise. Olympus C4000Z Sunpak strobe ISO-100, f/8, 1/125, 13mm. PS applied slightly. Thank you very much and have a nice day. Cheers Eddie
  4. Try to photograph this beauty from another angle but not too sure if I have miss out anything. Also do you think the lighting is abit too harsh? Please advise. Olympus C4000Z with PT-10 housing Sunpak strobe ISO-100, f/11, 1/160, 19mm. USM and some PS applied. Thank you very much. Cheers Eddie
  5. Thanks Joe, I did increase the contrast a little and also adjust the level to reduce the brightness.
  6. Thank you very much Marcus for your valuable advise. I got the Epoque 2x macro filter instead of Inon. I found that I have abit difficulty to work with once the attachment is on. I have to be very stable. Even as I approach the subject slowly, it will normally swim away. On land photography, I can always use a tripod but in uw, the situation is very different. I guess i need to work on the boyancy and stability and practice more. For the shots on scopionfish, i only managed to capture 2 shots. For these two shots, the settings were fixed while I adjust the flash output manually. As i do not want to loose track of the divemaster in my group I could not stay there abit longer. The smallest aperture for my digicam is f11 and you are right, the smallest ISO is 100. SLR is always my prefer choice but not at this moment as the total price for aquiring a casing and strobe is quite out of my budget. Your photo does make the scopionfish stands out more. May I know how did you place your strobe for this shot? Is firing from the left side? Sorry for the lengthy message. Thank you very much Marcus Regards, Eddie
  7. Thank you very much Photobeat for your advise. Cheers Eddie
  8. Thank you very much Photobeat. May I know the steps you have P.S the photo? Thank you.
  9. Just came back from a holiday dive trip in Phuket, Thailand. This is my first time shooting macro shot using a 2 times macro lens attachment on my olympus C4000Z digital camera in PT-10 U/W housing and Sunpak G-flash. The setting on the camera is as follows; ISO-100, f/10, 1/100, Manual setting, brightness is reduces using photoshop as it was slightly overexposed, USM and slight contrast applied. Thank you very much for your valuable inputs. Regards, Eddie
  10. Thank you Marcus. So far all my underwater stuffs are from oceanicfocus... for the next purchase, i will mention your name, hee hee.... and ask for discount. Thank you very much, marcus. Have a nice day. Cheers Eddie
  11. Thank you very much Marcus. This is very encouraging. I just check out the price and stock availability today, in which I will probably get it next month. Thank you and have a nice day. Cheers Eddie
  12. Thank you Chris. I will get the Inon lens and try it out in dec. I will post it for comment once I come back. Cheers ET
  13. Thank you very much Chris. I guess the design for use in underwater will have to be different as one has to take refraction into account. I will probably get the Inon UCL-165AD macro lens. Have you try this lens, by the way? Regards, ET
  14. Thank you very much Marcus and Mat. The impact of having a plain or blue background does make the subject stands out. Thank you everybody who has contributed to this thread. It has been a fruitful learning experience. Regards, ET
  15. Thank you for your effort. I can't wait too see your photo on the cuttlefish. By the way, I'm based in Singapore too.... Cheers ET
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