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  1. Hi everybody. I am a snorkeler, and later this year I will be snorkeling for about five hours a day for a week while in Indonesia. I recently purchased a Sony RX100 II, and I am now trying to make a final decision re which $500 or less housing to buy. I saw some earlier posts on this forum re the RX100 II, but none of them addressed my question. I had decided to go with the Ikelite, but then read some negative reviews regarding the functionality of the a few of the buttons and/or regarding the difficulty in using the locking mechanism (the most negative reviewer stated his is a very experienced diver/photographer). As some other folks gave the Ikelite favorable, reviews, it appears that there may be some significant variance from housing to housing. I also saw that, toward the end of last year, Recsea introduced its polycarbonate housing for the RX100 II. Because that housing is relatively new, I have not found any extensive reviews regarding the Recsea housing. I do understand from a Blue Water video that this Recsea housing cannot control the Sony rear control wheel, and it has a very different locking mechanism. Although Recsea generally has had favorable reviews for its aluminum housings, I am a bit concerned about trying a somewhat newly engineered product. There has been no real opportunity for Recsea to determine if there are any glitches that need fixing. If any of you have had experience with the Recsea polycarbonate housing for the the RX100 II, please let me know your views re that housing. Also, if any of you have used the Ikelite housing for the RX100 II, please let me know your evaluation of that housing. Thanks. Ralph
  2. Hi everybody. My name is Ralph Muller. I am limited to snorkeling, and therefore have access to only a small part of the undersea world. Despite this limitation, I still love taking pictures of the beautiful corals and fascinating creatures. I hope that this forum will help me gain some new insights into the world of underwater photography.
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