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  1. Thanks very much Pavel, I only have a short period of time before an underwater shoot so was hoping the pins were an off-the shelf product that i get locally as the time delay to get the part shipped here in New Zealand is too long unfortunately. Will keep scouring the online product photos to find a suitable replacement. (Sigh!)
  2. Hi there, Does anyone know if the gold male and female pins in Ikelite 5 pin connectors are a readily available item or are they specific to Ikelite?
  3. I had the opportunity to dive on the MV Rena this weekend. For those of you not aware the 236m container vessel ran aground on Astrolabe Reef in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. It subsequently broke up in heavy seas, spewing it's 200 tonnes of heavy fuel oil and hazardous containers before sinking. Following a long recovery and salvage process it is in the protracted and lengthy process of a resource consent hearing to determine whether the wreck can be left or further removal needs to be carried out. Since the exclusion zone was lifted the Mount Maunganui Underwater Club dives the vessel when weather permits. This year the Bay of Plenty region has been plagued by strong north westerlies, late season for the water temperatures to warm up and below average visibility conditions. This past Sunday the club visited the wreck again and thankfully the blue water had finally made an appearance, the scale of the wreck can only be appreciated in the clearer conditions and on this day it didn't disappoint. Shot on a Canon 7d, Tokina 10-17 in a Nauticam NA7D Mk II housing. https://vimeo.com/207180478
  4. Hi, I have been busy in the last few days putting up a website to showcase underwater footage from here in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. The 236m container ship MV Rena was wrecked on a local reef 4 years ago, at the time carrying 1368 shipping containers. After an extensive period of salvage operations the owners wish to keep the remains on the reef and part of that process involves going to the local regional council for a resource consent.The local dive club Mounta Maunganui Underwater Club that I am a member of is endorsing that stance and some of us recently had the oportunity to dive the wreck for ourselves capturing photos and video. Their is considerable opposition from various parties for the wreck to remain so it will be interesting to see how it plays out. Due to this increase in interest in the underwater environment this has created I thought it would be timely to showcase my videos and photos that I have been taking for my own personal interest over the last 5 years. Hopefully it will be of interest to some of you here. http://bayofplentyunderwater.com/videos/ Best Regards, Dale
  5. Yes it was shame that they removed the accommodation block but nature potentially would have done that in due course. The other diver in the video Mike had been involved in the Recreational Dive proposal so was keen to see how exposed the hull was where it had been removed and this was his first opportunity post removal and he was happy with the result. No word on marine reserve proposal but given the years it seems to take for other established reserves to be put in place I wouldn't expect any result. There was a healthy amount of marine life on it, not as much internally where I did get an opportunity to look in but schools of fish from Blue Mao Maos, Hiwihiwi, marblefish, Kingfish, koheru, kawhai, mackeral. Heard a few crackles from crayfish but didn't spot any. From everything i have heard the marine life has substantially increased since the wreck and from my own diving on Astrolabe Reef prior I would absolutely agree. I was definitely in the same mindset as you Julian but was very impressed at the level of clean-up that had taken place since the last video I had seen where the debris field was everywhere with huge opportunities for entangments. Bearing in mind we had limited time I saw few examples of scattered debris, one area of coiled wire, a few tyres, aluminum ingots, quite a few recovery bags were lying about with rubbish inside ready for retrieval. There is still quite a few containers lying in the 50m zone and other issues that need to be addressed but I would now advocate leaving the actual structure in place. We were told to stay well clear of a commercial diver operating and to not record anything of that operation but didn't come across him. As far as depth we were under orders to limit our depth to 30m.
  6. Hi, thought I would just post this link to a video I shot today of the wreck MV Rena. This has been in a state of removal and clearance for the past 4 years following a grounding on an offshore reef out from Tauranga, New Zealand. The salvage operators have almost got it to a point that they consider it clear for recreational divers to start diving it. The Mount Underwater Dive Club have been involved with the Insurers of the vessel in applying for a resource consent to leave it as a wreck and as part of that process I was invited as a club member to dive on it today. Hope you enjoy. Hope you enjoy.
  7. I have this same rig but with Inon Z 240's .. Not sure whether this will be the issue, but you could check the housing flash pop up button on lefthand side, pushing it more than once can deactivate flash and go into flash settings. Try swapping the TTL cables from one flash to the other and see if this can isolate the problem to an issue with the cables. Also to note is that I recently came back from 8 days diving and had issues with the uni joint that connects to the the multi controller. This failed due to a missing screw and the other screw becoming loose and jamming. Just something to look at while you're problem fixing. Dale
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