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  1. Hi buster, sorry, but everything I had for sale found new owners. I saw a few of these strobes on eBay for a good price, though. Good luck with your search
  2. Both strobes are now sold.
  3. Price drop to 260 EUR per strobe or 500 EUR for the pair. I also attached a few more pictures taken without flash, so you get an impression of the state of the strobes (flash pictures above really enhance every single little surface scratch you wouldn't even see in normal light).
  4. The tray and handles have to go. Maybe 75 USD (60 EUR) including shipping as a letter is more tempting? I also have two YS-110 alpha strobes for sale and can find some arms to attach these, if that is of interest.
  5. Hi and thanks for the question. I have some cables, but am using these on my present rig. So I would like to sell the strobes without cables.
  6. I have two Sea & Sea YS-110 alpha strobes for sale. Both strobes are in very good condition (pictures taken with flash and show every tiny scratch, they look much better in real life than on the pictures) and have never been flooded. They come with diffusors. I am a bit unsure about the right price. Maybe 275 Euro per strobe is fair? If you disagree, make me an offer The strobes are located in Norway, but I can ship anywhere as long as you pay the actual shipping cost.
  7. For sale: Ultralight tray and attachment for double tray, two handles and shims to get the handles on the same height. You get everything on the picture. I can include an arm, if necessary (CamDive or Sea & Sea). Everything is in very good condition and has seen very little use (hence for sale now). I believe the new price is somewhere between 150 and 180 USD, pick it up here for 80 USD pluss shipment. The equipment is located in Norway and I will ship anywhere.
  8. All is now sold, but I still have another few strobes, arms and a tray.
  9. I figured I add an example image even though compression during the upload decreases the quality significantly... The original is properly sharp. The second image is a crop (still lost sharpness and general image quality during upload) from the first image. Again, I am happy to send some large images privately.
  10. Price lowered to 950 EUR. Make me offers on items you are interested in.
  11. Price update: After getting some questions about splitting the items, I checked for New prices for all items again, and found that some shops run better offers on strobes than I was aware of. I'll lower the price to 1000 EUR for the complete package with CamDive tray and strobe arm and either strobe (that means, all that is on the picture, except for one strobe and the ultralight tray/handles).
  12. I tried to add a few pictures to show what the camera and housing are good for, but unfortunately, the pictures suffered from compression and looked absolutely horrible... I appreciate tips for how to include uncompressed images Maybe I just need to upload some to another webpage and include links? I am happy to send pictures by email, if you are interested
  13. Some more pictures of the camera and lenses.
  14. Time has come to move from Sony to Olympus, and I will sell my A6000 package. The package includes an A6000 body with the usual equipment, three lenses, a Meikon UW-housing, mounts for camera and strobe and a SEA & SEA strobe (two to choose from) and some small extras. You get what you see on the pictures, but will have to choose between the strobes and the mounts. Camera: Sony A6000 Lenses: Sony E PZ 16-50 mm F3.5-5.6 OSS - folds and makes the camera pluss lens a conveniently small package this lens is the kit-lens. It is optically not great, but very usable as a walk-around and allround underwater lens. Sony E 50 mm F1.8 OSS - good and sharp allround lens, works great for portraits. This lens does NOT fit into the underwater housing. Sony E 30mm F3.5 makro - very sharp lens. Works well for makro, as well as it works fine as an allround lens over and under water. Fits into the underwater housing. Comes in box for another lens (don´t have the original nooks for this one). Underwater housing: Meikon til A6000 Strobes (with diffusor): Sea & Sea YS-01 - god strobe, easy to use or Sea & Sea YS-110 Alpha - a bit larger, also easy to use Mounts, strobe arms: CamDive or Ultralight (I believe, "Serfas" written on grips, modular system also for the tray) Otherwise the package contains a charger that will work between 100 and 230 V (as most chargers - nice for holidays), to batteries (one original, one unbranded), a Peak Design carrying strap and usual accessories (seals, silicon grease, ect.). The whole package is rather small and makes for a convenient set for those who like to travel light, but still want good image quality. This package will fit for those who want a light allround holiday set for use both over and under water on a budget. The underwater housing sure is not of the same quality as others, but then again it is affordable. The set served me well, and I only had one leak, which was my fault, as I did not check for a proper seal when closing the housing. Back to the beach, opening the housing, running a finger over the seal and closing the housing was enough to solve the situation. All buttons work and I belive for the occasional non-professional use this housing give very good results. Ill attach a few pictures taken with this very camera, lenses and housing, so you can judge the image quality for yourself. I believe that flaws in the pictures are more due to my lacking abilities as photographer than they are due to a cheap housing (not saying that a housing 10 the cost with better glass would give even better results, but the is VERY good bang for the buck in my humble opinion). That being said, the reason for selling is that I moved on to Olympus, and to a housing that allows the use of interchangeable ports - I want to use a proper wide angle lens. A fixed flat port for the Meikon housing is its mein restriction. However, both the 16-50mm and 30mm macro Sony lenses fit into the housing. Everything was treated well and works just as it should. Underwater housing and strobes have been thoroughly rinsed after each use. You get what you see on the pictures, but you will have to choose between the trays and the strobes (or make me an offer for everything). I am asking: 1150 EUR for the complete package with the CamDive tray and arm and the YS-110 Alpha strobe. 1100 EUR with the (newer, but somewhat cheaper) YS-01 strobe and 1180 EUR with the Ultralight tray, CamDive arm and YS-110 Alpha strobe. If you need two strobes, I do have another YS-110 Alpha that I could let go. Make me an offer on that one. I can consider selling items separately, but only for the right offer and for either the camera and lenses together or for the underwater equipment together. Everything is located in Aalesund in Norway and can be checked and tested here. Otherwise, I am happy to send anywhere as long as you pay for the actual shipment costs. Don´t hesitate to ask, if you have any questions
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