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  1. I have a Aquatica A300 housing for my Nikon D300 if your interested. Has both macro and 8" dome ports.
  2. I really like the Gray Angel shot! Great stuff..... Cheers Chuck
  3. I have an Aquatica for D70S Im selling. email me off list undersea4me@me.com for details Thanks Chuck
  4. I always hear about these other locations in the Philippines but I don't hear to much about Puerto Galera? Any experiences out there with diving there or staying at El Galleon? Cheers, Chuck
  5. For those who don't know, Continental has a non-stop flight to Bonaire out of Houston... Cheers Chuck
  6. Thanks to you all for the feedback! Ill dive (pardon the pun ) into it a bit more.. Cheers, Chuck
  7. Thanks for the reply guys, I import from a card reader into Aperture. I then open the file in Aperture and hit the edit button and it opens Photoshop. If I go to file save (Im using an Imac) then I notice its a tiff file (What has created the tiff file, I don't know) and it wont allow me to save it as a JPG in the drop down? Im almost thinking that Aperture converts the NEF to a TIFF when It creates the duplicate new image for photoshop. Im not sure about the bit image Eric. Where do I check that and what should it be set to? Cheers, Chuck
  8. Im hoping someone can help me who uses Aperture 2 with a Nikon. When I shoot raw (NEF) and a fine quality JPEG at the same time, I am having difficulty importing them both into Aperture. It seems it only imports the NEF file. If I attempt to edit that file in Photoshop CS3, Photoshop wont allow me to save it as a JPG. Its not an option in the drop down to choose. All I have to choose from is Photoshop, CNEON, Large Doc Format, Photoshop PDF, Photoshop RAW, PNG, or TIFF. It seems either Aperture or Photoshop turns the duplicate it creates into a TIFF file. I cant save it from there into a JPEG? I also wonder what happens to my original JPG file from the camera in Aperture. Im sure there's an explanation for it or Im not doing something right... any help would be appreciated.. Cheers Chuck
  9. Wow, Shawn. sounded like quite an ordeal.... Poor animals, the line fishing is a terrible thing..So Inhumane. Onward, Chuck
  10. Don't know if any of you saw this on CNN today http://www.cnn.com/video/#/video/tech/2008...ark.finning.cnn Cheers, Chuck
  11. Very nice commentary! Good Stuff, Thanks for sharing!! Cheers, Chuck
  12. Until recently, I have used just one DS125 Strobe. I havent been on a trip yet with two as of yet, but I will be going to Bonaire in November. Im looking forward to it. All of the images on my website Visit My Website are shot with a single strobe with exception of the pool model images. All of my macro shots are set up with the strobe directly over sitting on the top center of the housing and angled slightly down over the port to the subject to reduce backscatter. I have attached a shot of an eel as a good macro example. If I would have used a second strobe, I would have set it up with one on both sides about 5 inches apart angled slightly in. Then, it would have been lit on both sides without the shadow on the left. The shot is nice as is but a second strobe would have eliminated the dark side. Keep in mind though, maybe you would like the image with the dark side better anyway! It kind of adds negative space to the eel and frames him away from the coral head...The beauty is in the eye of the beholder at times..... Cheers, Chuck
  13. Very nice trip! Nicely done and very informative!! Thanks for sharing! Cheers, Chuck
  14. Yes, they like yellow cuz it "taste like chicken"
  15. The laws of physics are unforgiving, they aren't partial to Models, Divemasters or Photographers etc.. If you break the rules, you are asking for trouble.... Cheers, Chuck
  16. Here is one I shot in the Gulf on a rig off of Lake Jackson a few years ago Cheers, Chuck
  17. loftus, I was wondering if you use a seperate Nikon program to transition from your camera to Aperture. I am learning Aperture and when I upload my images from the D300, I notice it doesn't seem read the nef/raw files. I dont think it imports those does it? I find myself having to go to Capture to save those... Cheers, Chuck
  18. Yep, Thats a real bummer Mary Lou! The Continental flight was sure convenient from Houston..... Cheers, Chuck
  19. Welsome Daylon, A nice shot! Please feel free to join us at the Dallas Underwater Photographic Society! Email me off this thread for more details! Thanks Chuck (Grapevine Texas)
  20. Thanks Eric!, Yep Im not to up on this. I was just hoping for some others opinions. I've been following your shootout videos today! Great stuff and fun to watch. Ill be back in Bonaire for Thanksgiving... :-) Thanks for the info and dive safe!
  21. Can anyone shed some light on the DVD-R and +R. What are the differences etc and what to look for when you buy them to store images or slideshows on? Im not very well versed in all that... It seems there is so much to choose from when you buy them.. Thanks Chuck
  22. I have also heard that the 10-17 does nice without an extension with an 8" dome Cheers, Chuck
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