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  1. That's what my SeaLife DC500 offers. If there's a way to get just what the sensor sees onto the SD card, I don't know what it is, and neither does anyone at SeaLife. Therefore.... Would using TIFF as my recording format allow me to do more (i.e., color correction) with photoshop than would the default JPEG? The files penalty is pretty high with my TIFF running almost five times the size as my best JPEG. We're talking about 70 TIFFs on a 512 Mbyte card as opposed to a couple hundred jpegs. Is it worth it to use the TIFFs? Any help would be mucho appreciated.
  2. I'm a newbie myself. I rented a 35mm film camera for a dive trip and sweated it out, not knowing if any of my pictures had turned out. They did, but were pretty monochromatic blue and green. Of course, I didn't know until I came back to Arizona from Belize and had the film developed, at which point it was too late to do anything about it except curse. My wife and I recently got a SeaLife dc500 digital UW camera (5 mp) and I'm hoping that my next dive (Cozumel, early November) will give me better results. In any event, I'm taking my laptop, so If I screw up the first day, I'll have time to check out the pix, and try and fix the problem. I have an old Nikon CP990 3.3 Mp camera and have made some good 8 X 10 shots with it. I think that -- since I'm just an amateur -- if I can get a good full-frame picture at maximum definition with a 5 Mp camera, it'll work quite nicely as an 8 X 10. Of course, I'm not going to be selling it to National Geographic, but how many people on this forum plan on such?
  3. I'm a rookie, too, since I just bought a camera today -- what better time to join this forum? This is my first post. I'm only a recreational diver, too, and my only previous UW photography where I rented a 35 mm Sea and Sea camera once. But I've been researching for a good while, and bought the SeaLife DC500, a 5 Mp point 'n' shoot with its own lexan case for about $650 street (including a flash bracket and a large external slave strobe). I have several diver acquaintances who own the earlier, 3-Mp model, and they all rave about it. I don't think its inability to operate under manual control -- or shutter-preferred or aperture-preferred -- is a show-stopper. I know when I dive, all I want to do is get the right distance, compose, and shoot, with my frined Mr. Photoshop to help me if my color balance or exposure is off. And the price sure is right! I'm going to Baja California in a couple of weeks, and Cozumel in November; I should have a good chance to figure out if I made the right choice! Does anyone here have that particular camera?
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