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  1. asked by another interested party. Camera has only 10383 clicks
  2. was sold...back to available. Taking it off at month's end if not sold. For this price might be better keeping as a back up
  3. Have a trip end of September and looking to pick up a pair of strobes. Ordered 2 Inon Z330's 3 months ago and order not filled yet. Have 2, need 2 for my daughter. Hate shooting with just one. Anyone willing to part with a pair please PM me
  4. Surprisingly, still available. Anyone interested in the housing only yours for $575
  5. here's a link to ebay for better photos http://ebay.com/itm/183328923977
  6. price reduction: $800 with free shipping within the US. Would entertain a reasonable offer
  7. For additional photos item is also listed on eBay. Pics are clearer and more of them. Price there also a bit higher to account for the additional fees.
  8. Also on posting, noticed the photos were cropped so the right side is missing on each. If you need more photos or have any questions just PM me. Thanks
  9. For SALE. Well cared for in good condition and excellent working order. NA-EM5 housing with tray, handles, moisture alarm. EM5 16MP camera with all original accessories, Olympus battery grip for surface use for those long shooting days. 2 batteries for both the camera and grip. Note: The white fibers on the housing was from the paper towel I used to wipe it down, lol. Never flooded, no corrosion. I would recommend replacing the o-ring prior to use. $2400 new for all. $850 for everything with free shipping within the US. International pays shipping cost so would need your address to get a quote. PayPal please. Additional photos available on request via email. Uploader says the other files I have are too big too upload.
  10. all set. Got what I needed. thanks
  11. actually 8 clamps if you have enough
  12. ideally 4 7" , 2 5" and 6 clamps out of that selection. Feel free to PM me with a price and if it works could pay via PayPal immediately. Thanks
  13. Looking for any one looking to part with some extra arms, clamps. 1" double ball 5, 7, 8 or 9". Preferably ULCS or Nauticam but would consider others. Thanks
  14. interested in the strobes and arms if still available
  15. Looking to complete first kit for my daughter. Have Olympus EM5 in Nauticam housing with dual handle tray. NEED any of the following if anyone has xtras or looking to upgrade: Strobes (2) YS-d2 or Inon Z240 Arms. Preferably ULCS but open to others. Need 4 8" double ball & 6-8 clamps Ports for the NA-EM5 Lenses: Would be interested in Olympus 12-50mm, 60mm Tall order but figured I'd throw it out there. Thanks in advance
  16. are these still available. Photos appreciated
  17. Still interested in the lens and port only
  18. Would be interested in just the strobes and arms if you would split up. Price?
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