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  1. i agree for travel i like the size of my D90. Also if i am honest and not overcome by gear lust / envy there is still not much wrong with my D90. Key specs for me are more focused around things that help me take the photos i want, focus speed, sharpness, buffer (mantas and sharks), low light performance, back up memory card, sync speed, physical size and weight underwater. So i think that based on this i will stick to my oriignal thought and look to stay DX, go with the 7200 and spend the difference on more diving
  2. intersting article and i agree with a lot of the words of wisdom here.. However now that the D7200 has finally arrived does that change anyones opinion? I was looking at the D750 until i noticed the flash sync - 1/200.. with my D90 it is probably the thing that i dilsliked the most, so for me a win is the slightly higher sync speed of the D7200 and that coupled with the improved buffer seems good. Of course if i could afford a D810 and housing that would be a different argument, so it is looking as though this UW photgrapher will more than likely sticking with DX for a while longer...
  3. Had an amazing three days diving in South West rocks with some really friendly grey Nurse sharks and a huge bait ball of yellow tails... some king fish sweeeping through the ball added the excitment.. it took me a while to whittle down 1100 images, some people got more (mark gray??) but i was happy with my sequences and would lovbe to go back again.. a really special palce to dive... of course two days after we left 100s of grey nurse sharks showed up. Big thanks to the South West Rocks Dive centre... http://www.mcgregoruw.com/South-West-Rocks#!/ cheers , Alastair
  4. i have used the Z240s for years now and love them. Sea and Sea seem easier to setup though. My wife uses YS-110a and i also think that they are quality kit as wel;l but the Inon have the edge for me. i like the battery compartment and it seems that with eneloops the Z240s seem to recycle faster and they are easier to pack and travel with. and a bit wider? and switching between the two i seem to find them easier to position for CFWA. Size helps for Macro as well. I also use the warming filters as in some situations they can be a bit cold.. you couldn't go wrong with either.. good luck on that choice
  5. it definitely looks as though the SMC is sharper than my macro mate and quite a bit stronger. Alex do you find locking focus an issue or do you use the focus lock and slowly edge into position? Nice shots as always!!
  6. Nice to see what is under the rigs normally (I used ) to be standing on them! at least they are giving something back..
  7. Hope the wee man is doing well.... Not sure that it would take off - a brand new housing for a camera that may have limited appeal... i think that modern controls are ergononmics have a lot more to offer than the rotatry dials on this camera. i think that you will buy it because of the way it looks rather than functionality?
  8. I rinse mine with fresh Water and maybe a quick rinse in a tank, but never leave it as you can never trust anyone to look after your gear as well as you. in addition i have seen people try to remove housings from crowded rinse tubs by electrical sync cords etc. a rinse in fresh water does not harm and neither does working the buttons. i never coat mine with anything and just relube the main orings prior to each dive, more to check them as even in storage they are lubed in their own zip lock bags to prevent drying. When diving in highly saline water i take extra care. In the waters of the gulf and Western indian ocean the level of salinity is extremely high. In this environment i always tub soaked my cameras after a weekend or even a days diving more because i am concerned of abrasive salt crystal being in contact of the shaft and scoring a sealing surface. At the pressure a housing works at probably not really ever an issue, but on one of my housings i have seen damage on not the shaft but the aluminium bodyinside the shaft bore - from salt - either as corrosion or physical scoring -not sure. As the air temp was around 42C i am inclined to think that heat, Salinity and Ph might have been the combination to have caused weeping across the seal? So for me that rinse is removing salt (appearance?), cooling the housing and also ensuring that we are at a neutral Ph balance... and the last thing is that means that you are looking over your gear prior to the next dive...
  9. thanks Matt, i have somehow managed to do it once when i was in the philipines odly enough using snoots and i think it was going up to 1/320 and i didn't notice any banding as a lot of the image was black anyhow, but since then i have not managed to replicate it, despite a lot of research! i am not sure it is the strobes but maybe the strobe settings.. by the tim i figure it out i will probably have upgraded haha.. i have both strobes i will borrow my wifes YS-110s and see if it will do it and let you know! or jsut a thought what position do you have your switches inside your housing? thanks Alastair
  10. Nice capture... blue sharks are one of my favourite looking sharks. just a small question... how did you get1/250 from your D90.. i have tried several times and cannot get it to do that. thanks
  11. buy the best that you can - inon Z240 or the sea and sea YS-D1... Sea and sea are reliable and easy to use but i prefer the range of diffusers that i can get for my iNon 240s. and yes 2 is always better for WA but with one and available light you should be ok. i prefer TLC or the Ultralight arms and use them interchangebly... TLC are tough and survive betther ULCS and no fiddly o-rings and smooth movement along with a firm clamp...
  12. Cheers... Mark.. if only someone could look after the kids we would come every week Thanks Matti for the Macro images..
  13. lol... very true Mark... saw some Nudies last time... need to move slower next time.. i much prefer using the flip down diopters as you get a little more flexibility during a dive. would be interesting to see how the Aquatica ones stack up against macro mate or Subsee..
  14. it sounds as though they have unlinked. i had the same issue on PC when i moved to a new laptop. i then had to ensure that they were all in the right place and reimport them to LR. i now download them to my HDD and verify where they are and then import them into LR. They are then backed up onto a seperate portable HDD.
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