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  1. Dear Jonny , I might be interested in the super wide port , is it still available ? And i have a question for you if you don't mind I bought a Gates mic for the XHA1 but i couldn't make it work , is there a special setting for non battery powered mics on XHA1 ? Or is my Mic faulty , other Mics with battery do work . Regards,
  2. Hi , I am frequently flying all the routes you have mentioned and i would suggest you should drag your attention on one of them which is Manado to Sorong with Lion Air. Lion Air uses the ATR 72-500 to fly this particular route which has very small overhead compartments . So a guy waiting at the main door of the plane will collect all hand carried items bigger then a Large wallet and store it for you in the back of the plane . You will get them back while getting off of the Plane . They are extremely strict on Checked in luggage especially lion air , but believe me it doesn't cost that much and is not worth the hassle with a non English speaking check-in employee. One more note , Lion Air from Manado to Sorong , has a checked in Luggage allowance of 15 KG only ,not 20 kg ! Best Regards,
  3. Hi Bill, Thank you so much for your response , i feel relieved now. Just to clarify ;where should be the friction washer exactly , i havent noticed that one ? Have to check on that one when i am back home. And doesnt the snap ring get week after time when you remove it ? Otherwise yes it is a great idea ! Best Regards, Tunc Yavuzdogan
  4. Dear All, I have just received my Inon straight viewfinder with nexus adapter , and installed it on my D200/D300s Converted Housing .The outer ring of the viewfinder fits very well . But after tightening the viewfinder with the ring nut tool , the viewfinder still seems to be loose and moving inside the adapter where the c ring is . I just wanted to ask if any of you using the same setup are experiencing this . I havent done a inwater test yet but looks a little bit scary . Wanted to be on the safe side and ask I have attached a very short video for you to see the movement after tightening the ring nut tool . Best Regards,
  5. Wooow ,was away for diving for 3 days , amazing opinions and knowledge did accumulate here ! Thanks everybody for the reply's. I am also an enthusiast film maker , i really have no problems with the photography options my Nikon camera provides me , but i would really appreciate it ,to switch to Video during a dive ,with those amazing lenses ,and not have a footage looking like taken on a mobile phone as an end-product !
  6. As a life time Nikon user, I've never felt this much let down as I did for the last couple of years. We've been watching Canon pop incredible cameras one by one in the prosumer category, while we are eagerly waiting for Nikon to, at least give us a hint, what they have in the kitchen for us. And our most trustworthy source about what could be going on there is Nikonrumors ??? I must say I was so jealous of the 5D MarkII and now the Cinema SLR series are driving me crazy ....but I am in love with my Nikons... Is there anybody out there who thinks Nikon will present a match to these newer generation cameras or shall we slowly consider the switch over ? Regards, Tunc Yavuzdogan
  7. @ gee13 ,Thanks yours must have been an awesome experience too ! South point is also very special! @kun1 , wooow that did make me Jealous ! Amazing! And thanks for the great comments everybody ! Regards, Tunc Yavuzdogan
  8. Dear David, Happy you enjoyed watching the Video , wish you good luck on getting the Permit and try to do your Barracuda Point dive in medium to strong current conditions. Regards, Tunc Yavuzdogan
  9. Thank you so much Steve , yes it was indeed very murky at that time of year Regards, Tunc Yavuzdogan
  10. We’ve been diving in Sipadan for a long time. There has been times it had amazed us, I have seen its high times staying on the island and watching whales, mantas and marlins passing by. But last October we had a particular Jaw dropping dive at Barracuda Point . We were lucky enough to film the shark action , especially the moment all of them were just hanging in the blue at the famous corner . But i haven't seen so many of them in 10 years , i think the environment there is really benefiting from the strict Sipadan permitt restrictions ! Please have a look at the story here ....and the video of that particularly dive is attached in the same post .. Those who want to have a closer look please check it out on Vimeo on HD . I would appreciate if you share your thoughts and experiences about the very same dive site ! Regards,
  11. Hello scuba diver parents ! We noticed that some parents have been asking questions about going on dive trips with children. We’ve been doing so for 7 years, and we have started preparing a guide for parents that want to go diving with their children. Both my wife and I are underwater photographers, so we are very keen on diving, and we also love our children to be with us when we travel. I hope the information below will be helpful to all the parents that plan dive trips with their children. Resort&Destination Reviews from a Mother Diving Trips with Children Diving Trips with Infants We're looking forward to hearing your experiences. Tunc & Selen
  12. Hi Everybody, I am so sorry to get back to you so late about this topic , i appreciate your help in this one ,thanks so much . Still working on it tough Regards,
  13. Hi Everybody , Sorry to bother you for this , but this forum is the only place i can get a correct answer .Hope you can help me out . I need the exact diameter of the zoom Barrel on the above mentioned New lens from Sigma ( 17-70mm F2.8-4 DC Macro OS HSM). I don't have access to it at the moment and i have to pass the info trough to my friend back home to make me a zoom gear for my Nexus housing. I am on a little bit remote area at the moment , So thanks in advance if any one can help me out with this , Best Regards,
  14. Hi, I am using the Eye-Fi SD card with my D300s in a Nexus housing , i must say that it is not slow . It is perfect when you come back from a dive and want to see you results before the next dive without opening the housing . Or you just leave it next to your computer and it will auto transfer while you are having lunch . Doesn't need any wireless network at all , has direct mode to connect directly to the Laptop Tunc
  15. Hello Everybody , Thank you so much for your great comments , @Steve , yes the eyes of the Seahorse also very sharp on the Hirez picture . My favorite shots are also the first and the last one Best Regards,
  16. Hi Everybody , Just tried my hands on Snoots this time in Lembeh , and i am amazed how much these can effect the results . I would appreciate your comments on this ,
  17. Dear Jonny , Is there a wide angle lens/port option for this setup which gives satisfying results without spending to much for the Fathom lens ? Regards,
  18. Hi Nick , My dealer in Singapore is Scubacam , i was allready amazed with their customer service during my purchase , and now David has literaly shoked me again I hope its no problem to mention this here , is it ? Hi steve , I believe they have no other choice to do some additional Vidslr housings , as the market is drasticly shifting that way. We were in Raja Ampat 2 weeks ago and a German documentary team was using the 5D as their primary cam in an Aquatica housing , the name of the camera-man was Roberto by the way ! I think he too is on Wetpixel .The results were incredible. Regards,
  19. Dear Nick Dear Jonny, Incredible information thank you so much for the quick replies , this forum always amazes me in that matter ,thanks! @ Nick: I checked the latches and yes you can see the corrosion beginning thank you for the good advise will stick to it ! @ Jonny: Yes it is an amazing housing , i allready was in love with the camera even tough i had my eyes on the Canon 5D . I would really appreciate it if you can sent me the custom preset for underwater , would be great help.My Gates dealer in Singapore already contacted me about the Power ring and told me the replacement is on his way , ( before i had the opportunity to contact him )he was following this thread also ,amazing customer service i must say The white balance issue is interesting, we did exact the same thing , but could it be a custom preset - white balance issue ? Thanks again to both of you , Best Regards,
  20. Hi Everybody, We recently bought a new Gates Housing for our Canon XH-A1 and went for a couple of test dives at the Lembeh straits, we owned a couple of underwater video systems before these and are normaly familiar with underwater video.But there are some things we couldnt figure out with this new setup and need some expert advise .We would appreciate it if you can help us out. 1- White Balance underwater: we didn't have any problems manualy white balancing on land , but underwater the camera white balance icon didn't stop blinking although the white balance looked fine .Should we stick with this or are we doing something wrong ? 2- The Gates Power ring on the power dial is loose , frustrated us the first couple of times while trying to turn on the camera underwater, and got completely detached underwater leaving us without acces to the power dial and the camera ,after it auto shut its self down. I attached a piece of sticky tape inside the power ring to keep it on place afterwards and turned off the camera auto shut off custom setting, which helped out for the rest of our days , but should it be like this or is my power ring somehow defected ? 3- After diving a couple of dives with the gates housing we noticed water stains on the beautifull black coating of the housing which we didnt manag to get off altough the camera was soaked in freshwater after every dive. Is there way to get rid of these or should we live with it ? 4- We noticed fine sand building up on the top side of the orange main oring of the housing , which mentaly pushed us to remove the oring after each diving day rinsing it in fresh water and attaching it again to the housing which gave us an unsecure feeling because gates is advising in its manual to test dive the housing after the removal of the main oring? Should we cover up the top side of the housing so that no debrie or sand enters it ? 5 - Is there a custom preset you would recommend us to use underwater ? 6 - Am i asking too much ? We really would appreciate it if you could help us out with your experiences on gates housings , Best Regards, Tunc & Selen Yavuzdogan
  21. dear Paul , As a travel agent living in Jakarta and organizing frequent groups from Turkey to the whole archipelago i would recommend you not to trust on flight schedules here in indonesia too much and always leave a couple of days before and after your vacation to handle flight delays and cancelations ,And even missing luggage . Thats why i always leave at least 24 hours before & after the original stay which was big help couple of times . i would recommend connecting from Jakarta or from Makassar as all flights fly out from Jakarta & connect in Makassar. Manado to R4 could be a little risky , Merpati is the most reliable in terms of flight schedule ( tough have expierienced delays with them) , not safety Best Regards, Tunc Yavuzdogan
  22. Thanks for your help Leslie i do appreciate it.Please extend my thanks to Ben. Drew thanks for the photo , and the identification..( of the larvea, not myself) Regards to you all,
  23. By the way i captured this in Lembeh
  24. Thanks for the help guys , so it is a Moray Larvae ,cause the head looks like a Moray eel ? The body was like 30cm long , Regards,
  25. It looks like a Juvenile Moray eel , does anydody know ?
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