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  1. Iā€™m thinking of getting a Nauticam 9ā€ N120 glass dome for my S&S D850 housing. Does any have good success with this setup? If so, which adapter do you recommend? There is a replacement NAM0142 port adapter and the 20mm extension #21520, that seems to be able to do the trick. The lens I shot WA is Sigma 15 and Nikon 16-35. While, I have no issues getting the recommend 80mm extension for S&S on the Nikon 16-35mm, the 0 extension for the Sigma is the differentiator. I rather use the #21520 and not mess with changing out the port adapter that is attached to the 9ā€ dome. What would the 20mm additional extension do to the images from the Sigma?
  2. Hi My name John and I am avid underwater photographer. Glad to join the community.
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