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  1. thanks guys! those are great suggestions! i see a little bit of lighter 'chuckbackscatter' in the upper part of the photo (i don't see it through the whole background- monitor calibration issue, maybe?)- i left it there because of all the discussions i've read about the subject being in a more natural environment, instead of in complete black. i think for this subject, however, that a completely black background is necessary. the 'chuck/backscatter' is just distracting. and i'll totally play with the foreground & crop it even more... film is free in digital, right? thanks so much! i'll post another soon!
  2. this is the first image i've used lightroom to edit. please let me know what you think? thanks! q.
  3. good evening- my name is phia, and i've been taking photographs since i was very young, diving since 2007, and photographing underwater since about 2009. i enjoy the extra challenge that diving adds to photography, and i especially enjoy the unique subject matter. i use my photographs to inspire my artwork. i work with stained glass, photography (alternative processes), and design & construct garments. i use the profits from my casual wear line to support mission blue & project aware. i'm interested in constructive critiques of my photographs here, so thank you ahead of time to those who take the time to give me that.
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