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  1. Dang... thanks for the help! Seemed like a nice option to get a zoom range and decent macro... Oh well!
  2. I currently use Ikelite housing and ports for a 6D, switching between a 16-35 f4L and 100L macro. I was looking into the 24-70 f4L lens with my 8" dome because of its zoom range and macro ability as well. The only issue I have is that from what I read, you have to trigger a switch to reach macro range, which cant be done underwater... has anyone found a way to work this with their port? Or am I misinformed about the issue? Thanks for any help!
  3. You are awesome! Ordered these on Amazon Prime! Muchas gracius!!!!!
  4. Urgently looking for a top ball mount for Ikelite 3/4" flex arm to attach my gamma light! Don't want to have to spend $60 for the kit again. Leaving for Florida in a few weeks and need a replacement. Any help is awesome! Photo shows piece I need!
  5. Have some spare pieces looking to get rid of. An Ikelite single sync cord and an EV controller, both in good condition with minor corrosion and minimal use. Neither will have cord caps as picture shows, but will be protected during shipping. Sync cord is $50 plus shipping, EV controller is $25 plus shipping, or $70 for both plus combined shipping.
  6. Like the title says, I am looking for a flex arm adapter (like in the photo) for mounting a light and don't want to have to buy the whole kit... anyone have one sitting around??? Help is appreciated!
  7. I have a good condition, never flooded Ikelite housing for a 5D (original or Classic as they call it). The housing is in good shape, has a like new dual handle tray and no cap cover. This will also include a good condition 5D camera, a tube of Ikelite lubricant, (I believe) an 8GB CF card, and an sunwayfoto L-bracket for the 5D. Pictures upon request. Great setup for a beginner dive photographer, just looking to upgrade! Looking for $850 for the whole deal.
  8. Looking for a new or used Ikelite housing for a Canon 6D! Any help would be appreciated!
  9. So I have been a photographer for a decade and just now am getting into underwater photography. Always had the interest and had a cheap underwater point and shoot. Recently upgraded heavily to an Ikelite setup for a 5D with wide and macro ports and 2 DS50 strobes. Trying to do a decent, but relatively cheap setup. Anyone have any tips for a new diver and an exceptionally new dive photographer? Also, is this a good way to go to get started with the ikelite setup? Attached a photo of what I have currently...
  10. Looking for another strobe, as in a DS50 or DS51 or DS-125 if a reasonable price. Looking for a dual sync cord as well. Thanks in advance!
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