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  1. I'm selling all my diving equipment: - Subal ND30 - NIKON D300 - 2x Flashes (Z-240S/ Z-240 Strobe) - Clamps (Braçadeiras) - Z Adapter - Multi direct base 2 - Arm M - Optical D Cable - Fish Eye Dome Port 8''/4 - 105 VR port/4 - Zoom Gear 14-24 - T-Slide Base - SYNC CORD NYK - Arm S All the equipment is used but in excelent conditions as you can see in photos. If you want to buy just some part of the equipment, tell me and I'll see if it's possible to sell separetely. If you need any information just ask me! Price: 4000€
  2. Hey! In a few weeks or maybe 1 or 2 months i will have a used Subal ND300. Are you just interested in the waterproof case or do you want to buy all the equipment (flash, clamps, view finder, etc) I have also a nikon D300 to sell. Everything is used but in perfect conditions. Waiting your reply.
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