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  1. @Lewis88ah!! thanks a tonne!!! "may not ship to Canada" which is why it didn't show in my searches...
  2. @Lewis88 - thanks - do you have the link handy? I am watching two separate ones right now on there.
  3. Hi there - are there any used Sea & Sea YS110 / YS110α strobes out there that people are looking to sell? I'm in Canada. thanks in advance. Joanna
  4. Both bodies have been SOLD - thank you for jumping on this so quickly, I'm happy these are going to good homes!
  5. Camera bodies mentioned in this post are no longer available - both Rebel XT bodies have been sold, thank you for snapping these up quick! I hope the housing can find a good home too. Completely willing to haggle the price.
  6. Both bodies are in perfect functioning condition, no issues whatsoever. I've just finally bit the bullet and decided to upgrade my cameras after using this system for nearly a decade. Love this camera, it's been with me all over the world. Each Canon Rebel XT body includes: Canon NB-2LH batteries x 2 OEM NB-2LH battery 8 MB CF card CB-2LW charger CB-2LT charger (optional) Original documentation Partial Sea&Sea underwater housing set up also available for sale in my other post: http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=54143 Asking price $100 per body Photos taken with this system can be viewed here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/scubajo/ You can contact me directly at jcsuan@gmail.com
  7. I've finally decided to upgrade my camera body after shooting it for nearly a decade and 8 years with the system underwater. It has been a fantastic dive companion around the world and an extension of my body underwater. This system has never been flooded and is in pristine condition. The additional port, 2 strobes and 2 arms you will need to purchase to complete this package (as I am keeping those for my new housing) can be purchased from Backscatter, the team in the East will know exactly what you need as they sold me this rig. FOR SALE: Sea&Sea DX350D Housing for Canon Rebel XT * Sea&Sea Synch cord x 2 Ultralight base T groove adapter x 2 Suprema U-Beam 44 focus light and mount Extra set of O-rings and Sea&Sea O-ring lube Original product and purchase documentation * Two perfectly functioning Canon Rebel XT bodies also for sale, $100 each, w/ Canon batteries, chargers, original product documentation and CF cards. Asking price $750 or best offer. Photos taken with this system can be viewed here: www.flickr.com/photos/scubajo You can contact me directly at jcsuan@gmail.com
  8. Martyn, thanks for sharing your experiences with the Sea and Sea, I really appreciate it! davichin / james: Scubajo = Canon girl. I have been shooting my Rebel XT topside for a while now. It's time to get that camera wet. The housed point and shoot can only do so much underwater. Have considered Ikelite, had the chance to speak to both Sea&Sea and Ikelite at DEMA, handle both housings, weighed the pros and cons, feel Sea and Sea is personally suited more to my photography needs. Was curious about other Sea&Sea owners and their setups. thanks everyone, Joanna
  9. Greetings, I thought I'd approach my current dilemna with a different spin within the wetpixel forum. So here's a question: For the Sea & Sea shooters out there, you have about $6000, starting from scratch, looking at the catologue - fill my shopping basket 1 - DX 350D housing 2 - YS110 strobes 2 - Sea arm VIIs and sync cords 1 - TTL converter 1 - 2/6pin converter I'm curious to hear how other's have set up their DSLR's using Sea&Sea. Forgive my naivety, I'm new to underwater DSLR and am finally ready to submerge mine. Thanks in advance!
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