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  1. I am looking for a 35mm seacam extension tube (PVL35), I am based in the UK, please contact me if you have one for sale. matmarinegreen@hotmail.co.uk.
  2. I am looking for a seacam PVL35 port extension, I a based in South Wales, UK. Please let me know if you have one for sale!
  3. Marine Biologist and Underwater Photographer, live in Wales, UK where I do most of my diving!

  4. For Sale: I have a high quality seacam S6 to Nikonos Sync cable for sale. This was professionally made, is coiled high quality rubberised cable, is just over 1m when stretched out. I have never used it underwater, as I was not able to use TTL (due to a hot shoe issue on my camera, i usually use the PC connector). It comes with connector protectors. Price = £120 +P&P (UK & Europe). Returns accepted within 14 days. Please email me for more info (mattmarinegreen@hotmail.co.uk).
  5. I am looking for a simple clamp (for a small torch) to attach to a ball joint on top of my seacam housing. I can't seem to find this anywhere, any suggestions?
  6. I have usually used dive master equipment insurance, but they only insure annually. Does anyone know of any insurers who insure u/w camera equip short term? Many thanks, Matt
  7. Please get in touch if you have canon 5d mkii housing only for sale. Many thanks, Matt
  8. Well it certainly looks professional to me! nice one.
  9. That's an amazing video! Do you do it professionally? Thanks for the advice, that's great!
  10. Hello kind Wet Pixelers. Has anyone done any diving in Borneo? If so, do you have any recommendations for diving locations? I am interested in animals large and small (I am travelling with a 15 mm and 60 mm macro lens) but am travelling on a budget. I am travelling for 5 weeks and am mainly planning to be on the malaysian part of Borneo but will venture to Indonesia if there is worth while diving! Many thanks, Matt
  11. Thank you, yes having looked in to it more I have decided that the weather will hold us back. We have decided to go to Borneo instead. Thank you for all the advice, I hope to go there at some point so will review the advice then! Many thanks!
  12. Thank you all for your suggestions, I really appreciate it. I went with TwoFIsh in the end, they gave me a superior room for the price of a standard after a bit of negotiation. Amazing trip and unbeleiveable diving (especially at night!), photos are on my website (www.green-marine.co.uk) go to news and then Lembeh if you are interested!
  13. Hi All, Another cry for help from me; I am not able to dive with TwoFIsh divers as I had planned. I want to do some macro photography around Lembeh Strait. I am looking to do some quite intensive diving around Lembeh strait to concentrate on macro photography so good guides and operators who are used to photographers and maybe even can offer photography advice. Can anyone recommend any operators who are used to this kind of diving and photography? Many thanks, Matt
  14. Dear Seasoned Tropical Underwater Photographers, Another cry for help, I am going to spend around 1 month travelling around the Philipenes in August with my camera set up (seacam housing, canon 5d, strobes, 15mm sigma, 60mm macro and gopro). I am looking for some stunning places to shoot macro (60mm) and wide angle (15mm) on a budget if possible. Can anyone make any general location and dive shop recomendations? I would really appreciate any help. Many thanks, Matt
  15. Thank you all so much for the help. I dived at Amed which was fantastic (Seraya, Pyramids and Melasti). I am indeed going to Lembeh strait next week and am diving with TwoFish, they seem to be the cheapest company overall with a good rep. I will hopefully catch some mantas in Lembongan tomorrow (going over on public ferry tomorrow evening), I have even managed to get some free diving for photography services (but not Lembeh!!). I put together a website (very rough and ready!) http://mattmarinegreen.wix.com/sciphototo give people a feel for what I can do which has worked at some places. I have decided that Rajah ampat is out of my budget unfortunately. I will go there one day! I am travelling with my canon 5d (old one) with my 60mm lens and nikonos flash guns! It is a complete pain carrying my underwater camera set up around with me but so worth it when I get in the water!
  16. Has anyone played with HDR techniques underwater? If so what did you find? I am not sure if it is worth the effort, maybe for underwater landscape shots with lots of colours?
  17. Hi, Is there anyone out there with experience of diving in Sri Lanka in June? If so is there anywhere with good diving around that time? Research I have done seems to suggest it is a bad idea due to monsoon in the west and swell in the east. I am going for 3 weeks, I was going to just do land stuff but if there is anywhere which would be good diving I will take my underwater gear. Any thoughts or recommendations would be appreciated. Matt
  18. Dear Seasoned Tropical Underwater Photographers, I am going to spend around 2 months travelling around indonesia in July/August with my camera set up (seacam, canon 5d, strobes, 15mm sigma, 60mm macro and gopro). I am looking for some stunning places to shoot macro and wide angle on a budget if possible. Can anyone make any general location and dive shop recomendations? Many thanks, Matt
  19. Is anyone selling a canon 5dmkii seacam housing? I am able to part exchange it for a seacam housing for 5d mki for a spare.
  20. Hi All, I am travelling to Borneo and need to send my underwater equipment to NZ from Borneo/Brunei/Philippines can anyone recommend a safe/insured shipping/courier company which can do this? Many thanks, Matt
  21. Hi All, Please can you help? I am going to be bringing my underwater camera setup (worth maybe £4,000) with me on a trip travelling from UK, Russia, Asia (China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philipenes) to NZ. Does anyone know if I am likely to have any issues with import duty in any of these countries? I will have proof of onward travel in all countries. Any advice appreciated!! Many thanks, Matt
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