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  1. Thanks for the offers! I have purchased my new setup and don't need any more suggestions. Cheers
  2. It's not letting me see the link, hopefully because I'm not part of the group. What's the name of the group so I can look it up? Thanks!
  3. Has anyone tried out the new L&M Sidekick or Sidekick Duo for GoPros? It seems like a great little light that won't get in the way or significantly increase the side of your GoPro setup. And it's nice they have the arm adapter so you have control over positioning. And the price is certainly in the right range for a beginner like me! Any feedback?
  4. So it sounds like both of you are happy with the ergonomics of the Ikelite? It seems like bulkier size and poor(er) ergonomics are some of the biggest complaints about Ikelite. Do you find that the Ikelite housings provide full functionality (as in all the dry functions are available underwater)? I know this would be model specific, so how about for the models you have dealt with? As far as accessory lenses, I have heard that Ikelite has very limited accessories because of the type of port they use. But just in the link Alan prov Does anyone have any feedback about the new RecSea polycarbonate housings? They seem like one of the smallest plastic housings..
  5. I would love some feedback on the new RecSea polycarbonate housings too! Especially for the Rx100 II or the Canon G7X. It looks like the front half of the housing is actually made of metal (I think they're calling it "POM"), and only the backside is plastic. Has anyone on Wetpixel tried ANY of these housings (for any camera)?
  6. Beautiful video! What a wonderful collection! Especially the clip of the hairy with his lure wriggling around! Very cool! One question, in the clips of the white frogfish sitting on the beige spikey sponge (2:28), are those tons of tiny red nudibranchs crawling around on the sponge? Awesome!!
  7. Hello Wetpixel Hivemind! I'm hoping for some feedback on the more affordable series of housings to be used with one of the high end compacts like the Sony RX-100 (any one of the 3 models) or Canon G7X. I know that the Nauticam and Recsea aluminum housings are the stars, and that's all I hear from people in retail. But I know the less expensive housings see plenty of use and popularity, so can any of you chime in and let me know your experiences and thoughts on it? Any comments on reliability (most importantly, will it stay dry??), functionality of buttons etc, ergonomics, size (I've decided to go with a compact mostly for size and flexibility), and accessory lens options would be greatly appreciated. I would also be happy for any thoughts on Meikon and manufacturer housings (Canon etc). My understanding is that these housings are just not up to snuff for an avid diver and intermediate photographer (not all functions are available, plastic warps shallower than rated for, etc). And just for context, I dive a lot in cold water, I've been photographing for several years and have loved macro in the past, but never had the opportunity to do wide angle, and I am very excited to finally be able to try it. Thanks so much for any input! Cheers Emma
  8. Just be sure, you are selling the camera, lens, and a port without a housing? Thanks Emma
  9. HI, I am interested in your setup. I am new to wetpixel, and I can't figure out how to PM you. Please message me if it is still available. Thanks Emma
  10. Hi, I am very interested in the whole set. Have you sold it yet? Thanks! Emma
  11. Is this set still for sale? How much are you asking for it? Thanks Emma
  12. Hi All I am looking for an upgrade my from ancient and ridiculously low quality point and shoot camera to something a little more advanced. I would like to purchase a complete set with camera/housing/lighting. I'm thinking one of the "intermediate" cameras like the Olympus Pen and other 3/4 frame cameras. My budget is about $1600. Please contact me if have something that might fit this description. Thanks so much! Emma
  13. Hi This is a beautiful setup! Would you be interested in selling just a "starter package"? As much as i would love the full set, i really only use the basics (camera, housing, basic lens or two, basic port, maybe dome port too depending on price). What do you think? Thanks Emma
  14. Hi, If this setup is still available, can you confirm for me I am understanding the parts included? I understand it as including the camera with standard lens, the housing with flat port for the standard lens, and an adapter for a port and lens that is not included? Is that right? Or is the adapter used with the included port, and only the lens is not included? Also, you mentioned that you didn't like the new setup because you didn't want to manually focus your shots... so does this camera not have an option for auto focus? Sorry for the silly questions, but i am coming from a very simple point and shoot camera and have never had all the options available with these upgraded cameras. Thanks Emma Fiori
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