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  1. Hello Photographers- I have a Tokina 10-17mm for sale that is in perfect condition. Only used a few times before I switched over to a Full Frame body (nikon). You pay shipping (US Only). I also have the Zoom gear for it that I will sell for $50 to anyone who wants both. Happy to email any photos if you are interested. Wetpixel prevents high resolution photos from being uploaded so I can send or text them to you ASAP upon request.
  2. Hello, I am looking to get myself a JOBY Gorilla Pod but was curious what model any of you DSLR shooters are using? I see the largest one is rated to 11 pounds (which is far less than a proper DSLR video setup) but I assume it works just fine underwater… I did have come concerns about it being constructed out of Aluminum and curious if it might rust. Any feedback much appreciated. Thanks, H
  3. Hello, I am happy to ship it but you’ll Have to pay the shipping costs. Let me know. -Hank
  4. Tim, it's for a Nauticam housing. No luck on additional photos here (and I've posted many things here in the past with multiple photos). For whatever reason this post only allowed the one. Happy to email you more if you're interested.
  5. Hello, I seem to be focused (no pun intended) on Macro and Blackwater dives only lately so I am selling my awesome ZEN 230 dome port... It is in great condition, no scratches etc. The port has about 25 dives on it and has always been covered by the Neoprene cover when stored, on the boat etc. There is an adjustable Go Pro-Mount affixed to it (can be removed easily). I found it really useful to get both views while filming video for varied shots in the same filming session... Happy to email more pics but WetPixel only allows one pic to be added You pay shipping or pick up in the Fort Lauderdale area. US shipping only please. $1400
  6. The preview on the LCD Underwater is not to be trusted as the bright screen is even brighter underwater where the light is reduced. Looking at the Histogram view is a better option than the preview for exposure judging. The preview is good for Sharpness and composition but not exposure. In Lightroom, once the image renders it will show more of a true capture. The Previews are generated by Adobe standard calibration controls not the cameras controls so they look a little different than the actual RAW file from the camera. Said differently: Lightroom processes photos from lots of different sources (your camera or mine) and that generation is using Adobes software, not your camera's preview software. Different color controls and settings/methods cause the differences in look (brightness).
  7. Thank You Photo Junkie! I just emailed them for a quote! I split my time between Chicago and Fort Lauderdale.. Maybe I'll meet you on a local dive boat someday! -Hank
  8. Hello Divers, Do any of you have any recommendations for ordering a Prescription Mask? I am trying to find a reputable company to modify a mask. Any recommendations or advice on what companies to avoid equally appreciated! Thanks- Scoobz
  9. Arnau, Someone beat you to it here and was local here in the USA. Sorry it didn't work out. Safe diving!
  10. Never used, ReefNet Snoot for INON Z240. $40. You pay shipping...
  11. I have a used INON Z-240 for sale with a YS mount. Works great, I just upgraded my setup so this one needs to go. $300 private message me for details. I'll send bigger pics than they allow me to attach here. Strobe
  12. Hello Bill, Thanks for your message. I'd take $1500 for it. Its hardly used and I am not pressed for cash so I am not open to dropping the price any more. Let me know if you want to see pics and I'll email some over (this site limits the file size of uploads pretty dramatically). -Hank
  13. Hello Divers- I have a Zen 230 dome port for sale. It is in Excellent condition and needs a new home. This port was used with the Sigma 15mm as well as the Nikkor 16-35mm with excellent results. Only been used on about 15 dives. I shoot mostly Macro, so this big dome port is sitting here sitting here unused. Will ship in the US only. Shipping from Fort Lauderdale, FL Reply here, or Private message me at ' scubahank at gmail ' with questions and or to see pictures. It really is in Excellent shape.
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