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  1. I'll think about this... I have been considering getting the 8-15 just to fool around with the circular images and add a few to my portfolio... I'll touch base soon (and I live right next door)...
  2. If you still have the Strobes and the Fiber Optic cables, I'd be very interested... I just flooded one and need a strobe badly before an upcoming Photo Workshop scubahank@gmail.com
  3. Hello, I am attending a Photo Workshop next month and have flooded one of my INON Z240's. I am hoping to find a pair of Z-330's or a pair of Retra's before the workshop vs. buying a used Z-240.. If anyone has any leads at all, please send me a message. Thank You So Much! Hank
  4. Not sure if you have sold this yet but if not, please let me know if you would sell the Z240's separately (I flooded ine ) ... -Hank
  5. Everyone I have called including Blue Water has a backorder... 2-4 months is what I am hearing...
  6. Hello All, I recently flooded a Z-240 Strobe and need to find a new used one. Unless someone knows where I can get a set of Z-330's Please message me if you have a lead on a Z-240. Thanks, Hank
  7. Thanks Fellas. I just uploaded the image above now... Buddy, I understand shooting at a higher f/stop will increase DoF but I was already shooting at f/18 and happy with the other elements (Background blur etc)... My inquiry is really weather or not using the GRP focus mode like you see in the image I attached, will increase the size of the focus area without losing the other elements a lower f/stop number will give me... Perhaps it is just getting use to the Full Frame sensor and I'll just have to adjust my shooting style more...
  8. Hey Nikon Shooters, Has anyone done any significant testing using Nikon's Group (GRP) Cluster focus points (see attached image) for Macro photography? I am running into issues on my D850 with my 60mm lens where I need a larger area in focus (eg. I want the eye and the nose in focus on a subject). On my D7200 I didn't have this issue using Single Servo w/Single Point focus but on the D850 I am... Please see the attached image for reference to the Focus clusters I am considering plying with... I am not sure the GRP cluster will work but it's worth asking other Nikon shooters out there I reckon.... Thanks, H
  9. Thanks... I already know quite a bit about Lightroom and Photoshop, I am really looking for industry professionals who can take my skill up a notch... I'll keep an eye on the Dive Show seminar line up this year! Thanks...
  10. Hello Divers... Does anyone know of any professional level training on Adobe Light Room and Photoshop? I know enough about each to be dangerous but would like to invest in some top-notch professional training... Any and all suggestions welcome! It's time to step up my game... -Scoobz
  11. I've upgraded and need to sell all my old stuff. Nauticam 10-17 Tokina Zoom Gear. $70.00 USD - You pay shipping Let me know if you have any questions.Contact me at my username at Gmail.com -Hank
  12. So it's official, I got the Zen 230 port, the Nikon 16-35 lens and the 8-15... Now I need to get a 2nd job! Off to Fiji in a few weeks.. Stay tuned for the results thanks for all the info!
  13. Hello Everyone! I am about to head to Fiji with my new setup and plan to primarily shoot video during this trip... I am new shooting video using a DSLR (D850 w/Nikon 16-35 and a Nikon 8-15) so I need some pointers... I understand the baseline settings is to have your shutter speed double your frame rate (30 FPS = 1/60th) etc. and an ISO that gives you the exposure you're after... However, I know we all vary from the baseline so I am curious to know what you video shooters are using as a starting point. Are you shooting at 30 or 60fps normally? I like the idea of being able to slow things down so the higher frame rate is appealing... Also, for ISO, has anyone noticed a threshold on the D850 where they've noticed a drastic degradation from noise? Lastly, what focus modes are you using or do you suggest? Any and all suggestions welcome... Hoping to reduce my learning curve and come back with some great videos:) -Hank
  14. Larry, Just curious what resolution you are shooting the 64 Gig cards at? Reason I am asking is that I just bought the D850 and plan to shoot video at the highest resolution and I don't want to buy the 128's if I can avoid it due to cost. I'd rather buy 2 64's if they aren't filling up that fast... Hank
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