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  1. Arnau, Someone beat you to it here and was local here in the USA. Sorry it didn't work out. Safe diving!
  2. Never used, ReefNet Snoot for INON Z240. $40. You pay shipping...
  3. I have a used INON Z-240 for sale with a YS mount. Works great, I just upgraded my setup so this one needs to go. $300 private message me for details. I'll send bigger pics than they allow me to attach here. Strobe
  4. Hello Bill, Thanks for your message. I'd take $1500 for it. Its hardly used and I am not pressed for cash so I am not open to dropping the price any more. Let me know if you want to see pics and I'll email some over (this site limits the file size of uploads pretty dramatically). -Hank
  5. Hello Divers- I have a Zen 230 dome port for sale. It is in Excellent condition and needs a new home. This port was used with the Sigma 15mm as well as the Nikkor 16-35mm with excellent results. Only been used on about 15 dives. I shoot mostly Macro, so this big dome port is sitting here sitting here unused. Will ship in the US only. Shipping from Fort Lauderdale, FL Reply here, or Private message me at ' scubahank at gmail ' with questions and or to see pictures. It really is in Excellent shape.
  6. I'll think about this... I have been considering getting the 8-15 just to fool around with the circular images and add a few to my portfolio... I'll touch base soon (and I live right next door)...
  7. If you still have the Strobes and the Fiber Optic cables, I'd be very interested... I just flooded one and need a strobe badly before an upcoming Photo Workshop scubahank@gmail.com
  8. Hello, I am attending a Photo Workshop next month and have flooded one of my INON Z240's. I am hoping to find a pair of Z-330's or a pair of Retra's before the workshop vs. buying a used Z-240.. If anyone has any leads at all, please send me a message. Thank You So Much! Hank
  9. Not sure if you have sold this yet but if not, please let me know if you would sell the Z240's separately (I flooded ine ) ... -Hank
  10. Everyone I have called including Blue Water has a backorder... 2-4 months is what I am hearing...
  11. Hello All, I recently flooded a Z-240 Strobe and need to find a new used one. Unless someone knows where I can get a set of Z-330's Please message me if you have a lead on a Z-240. Thanks, Hank
  12. Thanks Fellas. I just uploaded the image above now... Buddy, I understand shooting at a higher f/stop will increase DoF but I was already shooting at f/18 and happy with the other elements (Background blur etc)... My inquiry is really weather or not using the GRP focus mode like you see in the image I attached, will increase the size of the focus area without losing the other elements a lower f/stop number will give me... Perhaps it is just getting use to the Full Frame sensor and I'll just have to adjust my shooting style more...
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