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    Sea & Sea YS-60TTL/S, Sea & Sea YS-90DX
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  1. Hello, I have playing with this camera today in Sonimagfoto (spain). AF speed is good, wide - tele and macro. Internal flash doesn't work in super-macro. And what was surprising .... 13 seconds to save a RAW file. And near 7 seconds to save a JPG SHQ quality ... The olympus girl there told me that unfortunately it was a pre-production camera and they expect that final units will be faster in that aspect ... Let's wait dpreview.com final reviews ... Regards
  2. Hello, Here you have a good review about 10-22 mm: http://www.luminous-landscape.com/reviews/...22mm-test.shtml I think that with 20D is a very, very good lens. Regards
  3. Thanks, I have 'homework' for this weekend's dive Let's see how works the 'shadow day' WB setting ... Regards, Daniel.
  4. Yes, they make it. I have two, one for the YS-90 and other for the YS-60. They are made of white plastic. In Inon web, they sell blue blastic diffusers to compensate warm cast, but sea & sea is not offering that type of product Yes, I did it. In fact first photograph shown is using the custom white balance with flash. I had with me a plastic white card during the dive, and adjusted it twice. You can see the clear reddish cast ... is not better than using the auto white balance mode. Regards
  5. Hello, Thanks for your quick answer. Yes I would like to set white balance while using my flash. I can set custom white balance with flash, pressing some key while doing it, there is a short flash and it's done. I think that inon diffuser will not fit on the sea & sea strobes ... Then, do you think that using a 'redish' or 'yellowish' card to set the white balance will help? Thanks in advance, Daniel
  6. Hello all, This is my first post here. Sorry if my english is not perfect, I'm spanish . I'm shooting with a Canon S-45 (4MP) + 2 sea & sea YS strobes with Mr.Heinrich's TTL Adapter. My camera allows RAW and JPG. I have a problem when shooting jpg - ironically this is for u/w photo contest, where I should show my best photos. As raw + adjutment is not allowed for the time being, we have all to shot jpg .... in my case 'yellow-red color cast' jpg's There is sometimes a warm color cast with auto white balance setting that I would like to eliminate in flash photography. I tried also in 'flash' white balance mode, but again same problem. I tried with a PVC white board and custom white balance during the dive ... again yellow/red cast. Here you have an example: (1) What I got shooting with 'custom' white balance using a white plastic board during dive : (2) Playing with photoshop: this is how it should be (more or less like I remember the scene): In Inon web page, I read that Canon gives intentionally this 'warm' cast ... they sell a blue diffuser. I tried, made my-own blue filter to put between my flash & diffuser but not still happy - I lost a lot of flash power (up to two f-stop) and now I got blue-green cast My questions are: 1 - May I improve results using as a target a 'yellow' or 'reddish' plastic card? 2 - Why doesn't work - specially in macro mode - custom white balance with a white plastic card underwater? 3 - Unfortunately my canon powershot has not the detailed white balance settings that olympus have ... does any canon powershot user have any trick to get good flash shots whithout-warm-cast? 4 - In order to set custom white balance ... can I use digital zoom in order that small-sized white reference fills all screen? Or it doesn't work and have to use bigger white cards? If I can use digital zoom, I would fill the screen with just 1 inch of 'white card' reference. Maybe I could use underwater a type of color reference cards like the wall painters use. They are made of solid plastic and have a lot of color tones to test. Many thanks in advance for your time and co-operation, Regards
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