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  1. Hi, Can you email me the pic. zulfahmiaidi@gmai.com
  2. Hi do you still have the entire setup. If so, kindly pm me to discuss on the price..
  3. Hi, How much for the shipping to kuala lumpur, malaysia?
  4. Hi, How much if u wanna offer to local buyer? I in Kl
  5. Hi How much the price for the backscatter with the 3 color filter?
  6. Hi Do u has 1 or 2 unit of ys-300 do u have?
  7. Hi, Does the tray still available? Can you email me at zulfahmiaidi@gmail.com if it still available.
  8. Hi, Would you consider to sell the whole arm? You may email me to zulfahmiaidi@gmail.com
  9. Hi Taiki-San, Would you like to sell your whole tray and arm including the clamp? Kindly email me at zulfahmiaidi@gmail.com for the price and detail
  10. Hi, I'm interested to buy the tray set. Would u like to consider to sell it saperately?
  11. Hi, I'm interested for the Subsea +10 for 100USD. Kindly PM or email me at zulfahmiaidi@gmail.com
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