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  1. Awesome video! is this from your trip or erics video? What did you shoot with?
  2. I wouldn't worry to much. The GH4 is more taylor toward professional video and has many many feature that this G7 does not. One the G7 is 800 buck yes it shoots 4K but it has a different sensor then the GH4. i just read this short article but i'm pretty sure they wouldn't put out a camera that could beat their GH4 for $800. http://www.wired.com/2015/05/panasonics-lumix-g7-offers-affordable-intro-4k/
  3. Ohhhh Good call make sense! Thanks! Ya ive been thinking about it and reading stuff honestly I would only use it with my canon 100-400 telephoto lens. Other then that because i'm getting the new system i'm getting new lenses so I don't think it is worth the money for me at this time. I'm indecisive right now too I may now go with a Nauticam housing because of the external monitor options they offer. Nauticam does however make a setup for the speed booster if I wanted that option later. The beauty of have an underwater camera hobby $$$$$ haha Thanks you guys for all the help and responses. I let you know what I actually end up getting and ill post some tests!
  4. Awesome article! been looking at this options. i do have one question though. what is the blueish thing that has the knob and two buttons on the left handle?
  5. Hey guys, I know this topic has been brought up in the past but, does anyone know if there is a was to hook up an external video monitor to the GH4 Ikelite housing. Ive done some research and unfortunately most of it seems like its a DIY type of thing. I Nauticam the only ones that give this option with the bulkhead? Has anyone tried modifying the TTL bulkhead on the Ikelite housing? If anyone has successfully added a monitor i would love to here how or see pictures. Thanks!
  6. To answer you question Im 100% sure what lens I would use more was just curious if it was possible. It gets tricky figuring out what the actually focal length is when using non Micro 4/3 lenses with the Metabones speed booster. Before I get in to the that. The reason I am considering always using the speed booster with the GH4 is for two reasons. 1. Increases maxim aperture by 1 stop 2. Increases angle of view by 0.71x So in terms of figuring out what lenses I would use with the GH4 and the speed booster. multiply the adapter FOV reduction (.71) by the focal length of your lens. This gives you the focal range of the lens on the GH4. If you want to know the approximate full frame equivalent, just double that number. A Canon 16-35L F2.8 II becomes a 11-25mm f2.0 on the GH4, or 22-50mm f2.0 Full Frame Equivalent. and you gain and extra stop of light Really this adapter is only worth it if you had a different camera before and switched to the GH4 and you had money invested in other lenses and wanted to use them still. For me I am completely switching from canon to the GH4 and in addition to shooting underwater I would use the adapter more above land probably with my longer focal length lenses (Canon 100-400mm) to shoot surfing or something. But was curious if the GH4 and Speed booster combo in a Ikelite housing was possible. I would love to have the option of shooting prime cinema lenses on the GH4 underwater depending on the budget of the job. But more than likely on personal dives and jobs that don't have the budget to rent lenses I will shoot the Panasonic 8mm and the Olympus 60mm with diopters for Macro stuff. However I wonder what kind of macro stuff you could do if you used the Canon 24-105 with the speed booster?
  7. Awesome info guys thank you! Lionfish good points to think about for sure! i feel like i will get something in the 6000-10,000 lumen range I have some more pondering and research to do now haha, but all of these seem like great options im really going to have to sit and think of the pros and cons to one or the other based on cost, what the light offers and what I think i will be using most. Some of these are not light on the wallet thats forsure
  8. So I'm looking to purchase some high power video lights for filming underwater but wanted to get feedback from people that may have used these in the field. or just any advice in general on this subject. I am fairly new to the lighting world underwater, and I have checkout many brands and there are a lot of options. My first thought was going with Light and Motion and get two Sola 2100 lights they run about $600 a pop have a spot and flood feature (which coming from the commercial and film world I like that option) and they are small. But as I shopped around I started noticing there are much brighter lights that pack more of a punch and I would rather spend the money now and get a light that offers more lumens than I can use for many application. Give or take 1600 lumens is roughly equivalent to a 100w incandescent bulb in terms of light output. I would want a light bright enough to give me some fill on even say a shark in mid day to bring back color and depending on your settings you can play around with your background a little more in terms of exposure. But the big question based on my experience with my Nikonos SB105 strobes and a small 600 lumen video light ( which didnt light anything during the day) Is there a Led video light that can provide roughly the same amount as a basic flash during the day like the Nikonos SB105. I looked at the following units. -Sola 4000 it gives 4000 lumens blue light, has3 output options and 80 degree beam and the battery last for 50mins at high out but for 2 its is a crazy $3000 dollars -I torch Video Pro 7 offer 5000 lumens 120 degree angel beam, last 1 hour at full output, has 5 output modes and has 2 levels of red light which im not sure what that is for. cost $800 each -Fisheye Fix led Aquavolt 5000 which is 5000 Lumens, 120 degree beam, dims, last 75min high power cost $1200 each but is now dis continued Long story short I am not sure where to look or start now, and I have read that even though it says it offer 4000 or 5000 lumens sometimes they are less. So let the chat begin what lights do you guys use? why have they worked best for you? Thanks for all the help and feedback in advance I am excited to learn some new stuff about lighting.
  9. Hey guys, So im looking to buy the Panasonic GH4 with an Ikelite housing for it. I have done a lot of research and can not find any information on whether or not the ikelite housing with a specific port combo (depending on the lens used) can house the GH4 with the metabones speedbooster adapter. Has any body done this or know if this is possible? I know Nauticam I think can hold that combo in their housing. However I like Ikelite for the price. I would love to get a Nauticam housing just for the many option of having the Atmos ninja housing etc for 4K 4:2:2 10 bit capture. Maybe I just bite the bullet and dish out the cash. Any help is great thank!
  10. I have had the same issue, did you ever figure out what was causing it? I want to participate and post but the button wont let me
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