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  1. Anyone thought of using extension tubes on these lens for underwater? Vs diopter?
  2. A6000 is a great camera,. But I didn't keep mine. A big A6000 issue for me is the lack of menu/button to turn the flash off once you pop it up. On land, you need to close the flash manually. Not a big deal. But no-can-do underwater. Work around is to to turn your strobes off manually. And the lens are huge when compared to M4/3 !!! Not much point to a small mirroless body when you're still using APSC sized lens ;-)
  3. There was a positive review on scubaboard for it.
  4. Hi Folks I know this is an older thread, but how did it all end up? Is changing the capacitor to 33uf to reduce recycle time a reasonalbe mod?
  5. Iv'e been playing with this one from my local dive store. They handle Intovia and I-Das parts. http://www.housingcamera.com/id3566-intova-btd.html I push the camera into the right-side handle, and it's sort-of-ok. It adds about an inch to the reach of the shutter and controls. I can also put it outwards about 3 inches. Hand fits between the housing and uses the handle as a backrest for my wrist. Both seem a bit akward, .. hense the query to the larger group. The question likely applies to the Nauticam users as well, as the EM5 housing is designed to be hand held as well.
  6. Hi All I"m curious what others have used for tray and handles for their Olympus EP08 housing. In particular, the right hand tray handle. The EP08 is designed to be held like a camera, and most of the handle options I've looked seem like they would cramp or interfere. thanks in advance Wes
  7. Hi I'm Wes from Canada. Fairly new UW photographer Some of my shots are on my flickr page https://www.flickr.com/photos/rather_be_diving/
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