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  1. Upgrading to EM1 Mark II. Selling previous Set up. Excellent condition. 1.- Aquatica AEM1 housing. 2.- Aquatica Vacuum System with Pump. 3.- Aquatica 60mm Flat Port (works with 60mm Oly and 12-50mm Oly lenses). 4.- Aquatica Zoom Gear Olympus 12-50mm lens. 5.- Aquatica lens caddy. 6.- 2x ULCS 1 inch clamps. 7.- 2x ULCS 1 inch posts. 8.- ULCS 1 inch Sea and Sea Strobe Adapter. 9.- Sea and Sea YS 110a Strobe. 10.- Olympus EM1 body. 11.- ED 12-50mm Olympus Lens (has macro mode). 12.- Compact BLN1 Charger and Battery (extra). 13.- Big Blue Focusing light. Price: $2,750 OBO Manuals and original packaging materials Included. Free shipping to continental USA.
  2. Hi, I you are interested, I am planning to upgrade to the EM1 MKII and will be selling my EM1 MKI Aquatica housing. Housing has the vacuum pump, optical ports. I also have a few other accessories that I could sell. Best Regards, Fdo.
  3. Hi, I have been doing UW photography for several years now. Have used different type of gear over the years. My favorite, as a compromised between form and function, is the micro 4/3 line. Currently, using an Aquatica A EM1. Thinking about upgrading, just in case anyone is interested in buying. Cheers.
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