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  1. I've put together a short video (about 4 minutes) of a compilation of clips taken with this camera. Can I send this to you via dropbox? That would retain the quality of the video. If you'd prefer to email me, my address is cherylhdean@yahoo.com.
  2. Hello - sorry for the delay in getting back to you, but I was traveling for business last week and just got back in town. Yes, I've got some short videos taken with this set-up, and I'll send you a link to them within the next day or so. Coincidentally, I'm headed out now to our annual San Diego Underwater Photographic Society film festival. Thanks for your patience! Cheryl
  3. Sony PJ760 HD 60p camcorder and Gates housing with wide angle port and tray with handles for sale. Excellent condition - only used for 1 year. Includes replacement o-rings, charger, remote control, and all connection cables plus 5 32 gigabyte and 2 15 gigabyte memory cards (totaling 192GB). Asking $2,500 - paid over $5,500, plus shipping.
  4. Hello, I'm enjoying the challenging of capturing interesting images and behavior underwater, and it's a great excuse to visit some spectacular places. Thanks for providing this forum. Cheryl
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