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  1. Sorry I have no way of measuring that... I just pump until the light goes solid green and then give it around 5 more pumps.
  2. Thanks Guys I have a replaced battery and that did not help. I'm going with a sticky non-return valve. Will contact Aquatica support now. Simon
  3. Hi I'd appreciate your advice. I have an AD500 housing with Aquatica fitted Surveyor system. The housing is a little over a year old. I dive once or twice most weeks. It recently developed a problem. Once I create enough of a vacuum and the light has gone solid green I remove the pump. Just as I start to disengage the pump from the camera vacuum valve the red light starts flashing red and the alarm sounds! It eventually stops flashing and I am left with a camera that is vacuum sealed (cannot remove the rear cover without releasing the vacuum pressure) but no slow flashing green to reassure me all is good. I have worked a little silicone grease into the housing attached surveyor valve (picture attached) and it has started to work as expected - one time out of three. This makes me think I may have not taken sufficient care of the vacuum valve. I always leave the valve cap in place while diving and washing off after, only removing it to gain access for the pump. First of all, have I diagnosed the problem correctly and secondly what advice do you have to better care for my surveyor. I like my blinking green light it makes me happy. Many thanks
  4. Hi John I use Android so I installed this: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rcplatform.nocrop Here's something similar for IOS: https://apps.apple.com/pk/app/square-no-crop-for-instagram/id1263197471 Rather than share with Insta, you initially share with NoCrop and then share from NoCrop to Instagram It's another step in your workflow but allows you to keep the image size as you want...including the signature :-) Here's an example:
  5. A good selection of hashtags is really important if you want Instagram and your audience to find you. Regular posting keeps you audience entertained...one every six months is not going to hold attention. Create an easy workflow from LightRoom to mobile device and use tools like NoCrop if you don't like what Insta does to your shots. It's a great platform for connecting photographers in your area or interest group...I've arranged dive trips with help of my followers. Shameless promotion -----> https://www.instagram.com/mr.simontemple
  6. I have two Aquatica housings I'd like to sell: AD80 and AD90 I haven't used the AD80 for two years but the AD90 was in use until a few weeks ago. Both have twin Nikonos strobe connectors. The AD90 has the leak sensor fitted.
  7. Looking for a well cared for Aquatica AD500 housing ideally with Nikonos bulkhead connectors. Please PM or reply to this topic. thx Simon
  8. Please PM or email simontemple.weblog@gmail.com I'm currently using the AD90 housing and am looking to upgrade.
  9. Thanks I'll try some more in water tests.. I'm shooting nudibranch heads, skeleton shrimp and amphipods right now.
  10. Hi I'm looking for experiences from others who have used the UCL-67 with a housed DSLR... I have 60mm and 85mm Nikon lenses with an old D90. I spent a little time playing with both lenses plus the UCL-67 on my kitchen table and I appear to get a much greater magnification of the subject when using the 85mm lens. The magnification when used with my 60mm lens is little better than my old Subsee +5 diopter! I've not done as much comparative testing in water but it's starting to feel like the UCL-67 on my 60mm is not that good. BTW: I'm shooting mainly in the UK so I don't want a very big working distance between lens and subject; which is why I don't own a 105. The UCL-67 just doesn't appear to be the +15 diopter it is advertised to be. wdyt?
  11. Hi, I'm interested in the 18456 extension ring... is it still for sale?
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