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  1. Hi guys, I think I could use a good help from you as I am lost. I am leaving soon for Seychelles and as of now I cannot operate the flash correctly. I have done a test using a Olympus EM5 Mark II with flash set on AUTO. The S2000 was also set to STTL. I have done 3 shots facing a mirror with the second lever set to B (12 o'clock) that should be with no exposure compensation, then turning clockwise at position 3 o'clock (decreasing flash power output) and then turning it counter-clockwise at position 9 o'clock (to increase power output). All the 3 pictures came out exactly identical with no change in aperture or speed or ISO: https://goo.gl/photos/bJoZxS3WLjeFK6as8 https://goo.gl/photos/ojxjGvAzaFsDvMRC8 https://goo.gl/photos/bRV2SeLZvmwuzRxi9 What am I doing wrong? Any help is going to be highly appreciated!
  2. Housing SOLD. Port, sale pending. GX1 + kit lens still for sale
  3. I have tried again and placed the strobe in such a manner that its light sensor was 2cm in front of the camera flash. I turned the EV dial on the flash but I always get the same exposure on the camera...
  4. Hello Andreas, thanks a lot for your reply! I was hoping to save some money at the beginning and try not to buy optical cables. I wanted to divest on underwater photography equipment and went for a Meikon housing, and honestly I don't know which cables are compatible with it (optical D-cable type L or LL for the flash, but I don't know the housing endpoint). From this chart, it looks like the two should be working also wirelessly: http://www.inon.jp/products/strobe/optical/wireless.html I'll try to do some more tests...
  5. Hi all - I am new to underwater flash photography - yet not new to [underwater] photography. I am trying to use 2 x Inon S2000 with a Canon G7X. I do NOT have optical cables and the flash are triggered wirelessly. I am using this setup above water to get acquainted with it, but I am not getting the results I want/expect to see. I have tried to set the Canon G7X to manual flash, but pictures get blown out. For the beginning I would like to stay away from manual mode. Therefore, I set the S2000 to S-TTL and the Canon G7X onboard flash as AUTO. Pictures come out darkish, and most importantly, as I change the S2000 power output (turning the EV dial) I do not see any relevant change in the picture output, that is no change in ISO, time and aperture. (The camera *seems* not to use any pre-flash to adjust exposure but I might be wrong). What am I doing wrong?
  6. Hi, sorry for the confusion. Everything that is in the pictures is for sale. Specifically: 1. Nauticam housing for Panasonic GX1 + spare o-ring 2. Nauticam port 36135 for Macro lens 3. Panasonic GX1 + lens 14-42mm + spare original battery The link to the other listing about the underwater housing (it was not my listing), it was posted only for price comparison purposes (that is the another person sold the underwater housing for 700USD in Feb-2016, whereas here I am offering much more items for a similar price) I hope this clarifies...
  7. Item Sold.... thanks to malvinpage... flawless transaction
  8. I am currently finalizing with malvinpage. Should he withdraw at last minute, you are next in line.
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