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  1. I recently bought a Sony RX100 iii for non-dive purposes but had the idea to put it in a housing as my current Canon G10 set up is a bit old these days. Now there are days when I am in full UW photo mode under a jetty and the G10/arm/strobes style set up is what I need, but there are also days when I am out diving with non-photographers covering lots of ground quickly and it would be handy just to have the camera with the internal flash and a diffuser, stick it in program then point and shoot. So the question is, are there housings out there that allow for simple swapping between those two modes? My suspicion is that the aluminium housings like Nauticam block the internal flash with the fibre optic sockets whereas a clear plastic one would allow too much direct light when using strobes. But maybe if there was an aluminium housing with a slot-in/slot-out FOC socket...?
  2. Thanks, I will consider that. After a bit more digging I found that Inon does a wireless connection. That sounds fancy but is basically a mirror to fit over the housing and sensor to screw into the strobe. I have also asked the local distributor for ideas. today I put some Velcro on and consistently got the strobe to fire, but I'm not confident it will stay in place underwater. Those blocks you suggested should be better if there is no proper solution.
  3. I need advice / instruction on connecting a fibre optic cable to a clear plastic Canon housing which does not have a port please. I recall reading / being told in the past that this is a bit of a DIY job but I do not recall the detail. Firstly I need to stop the in-built flash creating backscatter by blocking it off but letting just enough light through to trigger the sensor - I am thinking a bit of electrical insulation tape inside the housing with a small hole made in it to allow a pin-prick of light through. Then I need to attach the cable to the housing. Having Googled it, I think I have been sold the wrong type of cable - it fits my strobe, but the other end has a plastic nut on it. I think I need one which is flat and integral to a velcro connector? But if I can use a couple of bits of velcro to just hold the connector against the housing will that suffice (it is a wet connection, yes?)? Can anyone recommend somewhere to buy a cable that has a Inon Z240 fitting on one end and an "open" velcro fitting on the other? Ideally in Australia but it is not important. Any instructions, videos, tips or other tricks would be greatly appreciated. Cheers. (I posted this in the newbie section yesterday so apologies if I am not supposed to repeat myself, but I thought this may be a better place.)
  4. I having been using my Canon G10 with Canon's WP-DC28 housing for a few years and getting reasonable results. But after struggling with backscatter for too long I just got an Inon Z240 with an arm/tray etc. The aim is to upgrade the camera/housing in the next couple of years and probably add a second strobe, video light, GoPro for video (if my lotto numbers come up) but until then I need to work out how to bodge a connection with the fibre optic cable as I have no port. I understand it is a wet connection so is any sort of arrangement that sends light into the non-flash end going to work or does it need to be more substantial? I have read somewhere that black tape with a small hole in it to block the flash on the inside of the housing and some sort of velcro arrangement to hold the cable in place on the outside is the way to go. But I am looking for some guidance, ideally a short video, on how to do that.
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