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  1. I shot something similar across the way in Mindoro near Muelle Port. I will dig up the pictures and post to compare.
  2. All, My camera recently began indicating the Empty Battery warning icon. At first the camera indicated this warning message after only shooting a few images. When this first occured I thoght to myself...thats funny I know I charged my battery. Later that afternoon I return home and charged the battery that was in the camera and replaced the battery with a know charged battery. Wouldnt you know..the same problem has occured. Later after attempting to charge both batteries, I decided to confirm if my charger was operating correctly. I went to a local electronics supply store and tested my batteries with their charger and found that my batteries were holding charge. I then decided to purchase a new battery anyway and found the new battery to have the same problem. My assumptions is that the camera must have a batery voltage sensor that has failed. I live in Guam so sending the camera in for maintenance and inspection is possible but I forsee this taking over 3 weeks to occur, at minimum. Has anyone experienced this same problem? Any suggestions or remedies? Thank you for your help, Mike
  3. Greetings from Guam. Hello my name is Mike and I have lived in the Mariana Islands for over 5 years now. I have been diving for over 20 years and have been an underwater photographer for 4 years.
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