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  1. Camera sold. Housing: 1350 USD +150 for the adapter Mini flash trigger 150US
  2. Selling a set of Nauticam A7RII with 1. Nauticam A7II housing with RII upgrade kit newly installed. Function well and no leaking. I bought it from a professional crew who used it for documentaries. It comes with the housing, 2 camera tray and some parts. The caveat is one of the button feels a bit slushy, but still works perfectly fine 2. Sony A7RII camera, cosmetically is great. Roughly 6000 shutter counts. Comes with full box, original accessories, L-plate, leather case, and 5 Sony batteries. The caveat is there is a very faint finger print on the sensor filter (I accidentally stick my finger on it). I cannot find anything wrong with my photo but you are welcome to judge from the uploaded raw file. 3. Nauticam N100 to N120 Port Adapter with Focus Knob (37301), works well, just changed the gear to brand new one. 4. Nauticam Mini Flash Trigger for Sony (26302) Selling the whole set for 2500 USD or the the set without the camera for 2000, including next day air shipping to CONUS. Price is net to me without paypal fee.
  3. I usually just email nauticam directly, they are quite helpful in getting the parts once your provide the SN
  4. I would like to take all the clamps
  5. I'd buy both and in the processing of buying WWL-1 since my lost one sunk 8-15 fisheye is more specialized, 28-60+WWL-1 is more versatile. I do not see a conflict here. If I can only have one I will have the more versatile solution.
  6. would you consider selling the extension 20 alone?
  7. Title says it. Would like to buy a WWL-1/WWL-1B in US. Thanks Hao
  8. If you already owned 16-35 and the 8.5 acrylic dome them it might be cheaper to buy the extensions and zoom gear than wwl-1 set. Image quality wise I would say wwl-1 is better at f8 as Chris said. I used to have both wwl-1 on Rx100 iv and 16-35 on A7R. At the time wwl-1 on full frame the only option is 28mm f2, which is not flexible as a prime lens. Now there is 28-60, the flexibility of wet lenses and the image quality benefits are the key factor for me to go back. You can also change wwl underwater to cmc/smc to get some descent marco capabilities.
  9. try wwl-c or wwl-1if you want higher image quality. Also a6400 has a dual gain sensor, so you can safely use ISO 100 and ISO 320(400), they basically has the same dynamic range. That will give you extra 2 stops if you need.
  10. Selling a full set of SONY 16-35MM F4 ZA gear. 1. Nauticam 180mm Optical Glass Dome, marks on the hood. Glass is perfect. 2. N120 50mm Extension with Lock. Used condition but works well. 3. Sony 16-25mm F4 Zoom and Focus Gears. Used condition but works well. Prefer to sell as set for 1000 USD shipped within continental US. I also have 1. Nauticam HDMI cable and M14 HDMI port 2. Nauticam 45 ft SDI cable with M14 SDI port Offer me whatever price and pay for the shipping then they are yours Thanks
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