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  1. Franschoek/Stellenbosch are very nice place to visit , but a very far drive if you intend a early start in Gansbay, I would rather opt staying in Hermanus should you want to avoid Gansbaai I'll give Mike Rutzen of http://www.sharkdivingunlimited.com/ the thumbs up , had a very interesting time there visiting the shark barrier research project.
  2. Boyd was in a difficult position , pressure from enviromentalists and the gross of the uninformed( shark unwise) public in the one ear.Reasoning in the other . He didn't have much option and publicaly he had to reduce a risk factor . Especially following the outcry prior to the arrival of the Shark Men , and the fact that should it happen tommorow with them around chumming ( despite everyone else doing it ) public emotions will run high (for the wrong reasons). This could be bad for all.
  3. Western Cape to Garden Route is very shark active at the moment , Wednesday saw 1 surfer who experienced a failed attack , 45 min later a paddle boarder got "buzzed" by Great White Shark . Both off Lookout beach, Plettenbergbay. Knysna had a shark warning on Tuesday following a whale carcass on Buffels bay. Helicopter operators in Plett confirmed the presence of multiple large sharks close inshore on this side of the coast. Last week we had pockets of sardines close inshore. Shark attack could happen again . It could be that the sea conditions, Sardines building up , is responsible for the presence of sharks irrespectable of what the Shark Men are getting up to.
  4. Mr Bantin , posted such a plumbing fixture here before . Search his post.
  5. I searched the web for pilot whale pics and came across this --- Now I don't feel so bad when backscatter ruins my pic .... Proof we are not alone . :) http://www.joanocean.com/Portalopng.html (scroll to about the middle of the page)
  6. Maybe if I use it like a suppository , I too could be a hit on the dancefloor ..
  7. Impressive ! Whats inside plumbing fixtures ? And to what depth have you taken it ? How consistent is the output ? Recycling should be very fast , depending on what's in the white tube?
  8. This is interesting http://www.reghardware.com/2010/02/17/boff...ltra_speed_cam/
  9. Goodday I need software that I can use to record my screen and the processes I use to design a module on my screen, so that I can use it in a lecture or tutorial What is available as I have seen some photoshop tutorials using this software recording Best Regards Anton
  10. Go pro has quite a wide lens, . Gopro is working on a flat port for underwater-wouldnt a dome port make more sense?
  11. Good day I am interested in photographing fluorescence in the 400-600nm range.I would need a light source emitting in the region of 450nm and photograph the resulting fluorescence range. I need advice and suggestions to the source of light i would need and where to source filters from Thanks
  12. Goodday Currently looking for a medium wideangle , (I have a tokina 10-17) to use with my 7D I am looking at the canon 24 mm 1.4 prime or sigma 24mm f1.8 . The Sigma focus as very close . Any suggestions ?
  13. Drive up to Aberdeen, catch Ferry to the Shetlands (stop for a cup of tea) then off to Faroe islands and then from Faroes to Iceland --about 24 hour ferry trip , from Island it goes to Norway and back to Aberdeen . The Smyril Line http://www.smyril-line.com Time wise a cheap flight and a 4x4 rental might be the way to go, if you have time to spare this could be a trip of epic proportions.
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