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  1. Hi Espen I recently took the Nauticam BMCC prototype to film Great Whites at Guadalupe and I've just posted a short comparison video between the BMCC and PMW200. (This You Tube version is pretty blocky and the banding is pretty bad, but I'm re-encoding and I'll upload another version when I can and also upload to Vimeo). I'm still writing down my thoughts on the BMCC. I only had the equipment in the water for a limited time in not what you would call 'normal' dive conditions, but I guess in summary I really liked the Nauticam Housing, but had some reservations about the camera for underwater shooting. I think if you have the ability to shoot 100% in RAW and the time/budget/proficiency for RAW post production then some of my fears would be overcome, but that shouldn't be dismissed lightly in terms of the amount of work that is required. I'll post the full write up just as soon as I've finished. Cheers, Simon
  2. I'd understand that Drew if it were possible to get a pleasing blue water colour out of the camera by not using MWB, but sadly even that appears to be beyond it...
  3. It's not just a MWB issue though Drew, there are many other issues including lens 'halos', super saturated image, blown out highlights/underexposed lowlights (loss of dynamic range), digital noise in highlights etc etc etc. If you know people who are using the FS range and are genuinely getting results that they are happy with then please ask them to pop by here and let us know their secret!!
  4. I just read the DEMA coverage and see that (if reported accurately) Amphibico are now claiming that the issues with the FS100 are similar to those found with the EPIC / Scarlet...... oh my the mind boggles about where these statements come from !! RED have always had an issue with a magenta colour cast in underwater footage, but this can be graded out with some care especially as you are shooting in RAW, while on the other hand the footage from the FS100 is utter garbage and how on Earth you draw even a loose comparison between the two is completely beyond me! I really don't want to keep bashing but come on please this is bordering on a deliberately deceitful statement!
  5. I filmed an event a few weeks ago where they had lots of pink and blue LED lighting and the images from the FS100 displayed many of the same issues that we see underwater. There were not any lens 'halos' but we did see a massive oversaturation in the image even on flat profiles and a workable dynamic range seemed to disappear entirely with huge areas of blown out highlights and underexposed lowlights. This is almost exactly what we see underwater. Interestingly we also had a PMW200, Blackmagic Cinema Camera and 7D on the shoot and none of the others had any issues of note with this lighting, other than what you would expect from a challenging low light environment to shoot in. I'm thinking that it is obviously something to do with predominitely blue lighting (like you would find UW) that freaks the camera out way beyond what could be deemed acceptable. Nick I think the FS100/700 would still be great for super macro, but for bog standard macro where you probably can't light your entire scene then you are always going to have nasty things happening with the image outside of the lit area. Still admittedly that is nowhere near as fatal as WA ambient light shooting, so it could have a role still if anyone wants to chance it and it should work ok on night dives! I've seen quite a bit of footage online from people who claim to have achieved good results, but when I look at it I can't for the life of me understand how they can say that as it almost always looks awful and even when it looks ok you know that a different (similar priced) camera would have given way better results. New footage seems to have dried up entirely of late, which is a shame as I'd love to see if someone one day has a solution for this! One thing I've never done is use it for lit macro shooting, but sadly I don't have the time or patience with it anymore to persevere! Cheers, Simon
  6. Some footage and reviews of the AX1 has started to surface and as predicted it doesn't perform well in low light!
  7. Great viewing Dustin. Really impressed with how much you are still pulling out of the 5D2! The colours looked almost 444! Cheers, Simon
  8. It was great meeting you and Karen the other evening Eric and that certainly was a hell of a year! Cheers, Simon
  9. We never took anti malarials and I agree that the risk of not doing so seems to be pretty low so even if it is not completely non existant. However in addition to Dengue if you do get insect/fly bites and you are in the water a lot through diving then they can often become infected and can often require antibiotics to clear up. We spent a couple of months in N Sulawesi and all of us had at least one bite that got badly infected. Cheers, Simon
  10. I know who Alister Chapman is.... my last post above should have been a PM! Oooops Here is a Sony promo vid: http://www.sony.co.uk/pro/article/broadcast-products-introducing-the-new-pxw-z100-4k?utm_campaign=BC_1309_CRMP_VGMidlife_NL13-v2_EN&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Eloqua
  11. Sorry mate I have no idea who he is talking about. I guess it would be very strange if it is me as I've never heard of him before!
  12. I found this an interesting summary with a few quick pro/cons and comparison vs pmw200. Doesn't sound like it is going to be great in low light and at 600 Mbps OUCH!!
  13. Looks like Adobe are going all out to capture he ML RAW crowd! I've been weaning myself off FCP over the last year and got to admit that Premiere Pro is great and CC seems well supported without having to wait years for updates. The only reason I'm still using FCP is that some projects still require it.
  14. Gosh, I assumed that we all fancied a bit of manly 'enhancement' with our toys, be them for work or just for fun! I do find it funny that what would have been considered a 'beta tester' a few years ago is now known as an 'early adopter'. After my experience as a FS100 'early adopter' I really don't fancy putting my finances on the line to test out the Z100, so it is definitely someone else's turn!! Then again I could be testing something very, very cool next month, but that's another thread entirely........
  15. If anything new camera tech seems to be speeding up even more! I'm not sure I can keep up with this, then again I don't want to end up being the old fogey still shooting on miniDV 5 years after HDV hit the market! So...........Z100. HIT or MISS?? My gut feeling right now for underwater use is that this is a MISS due to the single small sensor, but if I have learnt anything over the last couple of years then it is to only judge after actually using the thing or seeing examples rather than spec drooling / pixel peeking!!
  16. The Z100 looks very interesting, but I'm not entirely convinced with a single 1/2.3'' chip. Is there any reason they would have decided on a single(small) chip vs a more traditional 3 chip design? I think because it is XDCAM the WB issues from the FS100/700 shouldn't be that relevant (the PMW200 white balances great), but admittedly I'm always going to be a little nervous with ANY Sony camera from now on!
  17. I also always felt happier knowing I had everything recorded and archived on a $10 tape!
  18. Seriously you have enough SxS cards for an entire trip Peter? I know they have come down in price, but still that's like $3000US of media for 1 week of diving. When using a PMW200 I generally have enough capacity on the cards to shoot all day unless things go really crazy. I then download in the evening/overnight and backup to 2 hard disks before anything is deleted from the cards. Unfortunately I don't have deep enough pockets (and neither has anyone else I've worked for) to take $3000US of media on an XDCAM shoot. Of course maybe I'm not getting the right gigs! LOL Cheers, Simon
  19. Anyone seen any uw footage of the 2.5K from the Nauticam housing yet?
  20. Maybe another way of looking at this is if budgets are tight then maybe just buy 1 good light rather than 2 average ones. You can then save up for a second light if you want to, but you definitely don't always need 2 lights for an underwater system, or even any at all for that matter, so don't get bogged down with "I must have lights" thinking because you really don't. If you know how to get the most out of lighting then they can really enhance your filming, but more often than not you can get better results by turning them off. Cheers, Simon (who only rarely uses lights).
  21. I read somewhere it would be available late 2013/early 2014, so it should be in the shops just in time for when the Pocket Camera actually starts shipping to real people! Then again there may be a delay on the horizon with the 'sensor bloom' the first beta testers (erm I mean customers) have been seeing. Looks nasty and very similar to the way the FS100 handles highlights!! Oh no not again!!!
  22. I've used the FS100 in shallow water and the results were ok, but still no where near as good as they should be when compared to 'lesser' spec cameras which outperform it in the same situation/conditions. Many cameras perform well in good lighting, but the FS100 is supposed to be king of the low light cameras (and it is topside) which is why I decided to get it housed in the first place. I do keep trying it out in new conditions from time to time so you never know one day I may come across the magic formula! Cheers, Simon P.S. I also think the C100 could have been a cracking camera underwater.
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