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  1. Nice vid. I didn't realise that anyone baited at Socorro. Was that on Sea Escape?
  2. The only place I've ever been where solo diving was officially sanctioned was Bonaire. Other than that most ops are very reasonable to photographers once they have judged that you are not a liability. Still accidents DO happen. One UK inland site will no longer even let you snorkel solo (without a debate at least) after a well known UK dive industry 'icon' nearly drowned while snorkelling testing out a new housing! Cheers, Simon edit - Nope I will not divulge the name!!
  3. Do you find for 4k that Glass vs Acrylic is even more apparent in quality or a similar trade off to that for HD? I've always tended to opt for acrylic becuase of their in field repair options.
  4. Yeah I agree a housing for the new Sony cameras would have really made the other manufacturers sit up and take notice. Wow that's a lot bigger housing than I'd imagined from the press release photo - or is it just a very small lady holding it??
  5. Dunno John, the EPIC with Dragon is keeping the same form factor isn't it? If so I think there is a good few more years for potential sales. Of course they would have been better off being there right at the beginning and the demand for a housing like this vs say a 5Dmk3 is just not the same, but Nauticam must have factored that in I'd guess. I would have thought for their first video housing that they would have been a little less ambitious, but hey gotta give them credit for balls! Cheers, Simon
  6. Over the last couple of years I've gone from camcorder (V1) to HDSLR (7D) to S35 camcorder (FS100) and now back to traditional camcorder (PMW200). One thing for certain is that they all have their own strengths and weakness, some of which have already been covered. On a personal note I really enjoyed shooting on the 7D and it was such an upgrade over HDV despite all its recording flaws. Some of the footage I've shot with it is simply gorgeous and I've regularly sold footage shot on a 7D for broadcast and never had my footage turned down because of the camera it was shot on (there are still allowances for sometimes up to 25% of footage shot on cameras like the 7D in most HD broadcast productions). However HDSLR's are not ideal in all situations as you always need to shoot in full manual which is very difficult to do in any fast moving constanly changing enviroment where sometimes you may just need to turn on auto iris etc. I did sometimes find that I missed shots while trying to fiddle with the settings. On a plus side they are a dream to travel with as you can often get them in your hand luggage, where my new PMW-200 in a Peli case without its monitor weights 23kg on its own! I certainly wont be selling my 7D as there is still a place for it in my filming, but there are probably better HDSLR/M43 options now than when I bought it in 2009! Cheers, Simon
  7. LOL that has happened to me in the past too. No idea why and never got a response from anyone about it. Glad I'm not the only one!
  8. Looks very nice indeed! I've not seen a price mentioned yet though? Cheers, Simon
  9. Hi Enver That sounds all too familiar! Are there any more details you can give us (descriptions, screenshots etc etc)? Any similarities to the problems we've been seeing with the FS100 and FS700? Have Sony dropped the ball for shooting underwater with the entire NXCAM range of camers? Cheers, Simon
  10. Look forward to hearing about Anilao Steve. Some people are adamant that it is comparable or even better than Lembeh.... ! What camera are you shooting with now? Cheers, Simon
  11. You mean like these two? They tend to appear when you have (A) increased the Gain above 0db, (B) tried to WB too deep and got a really bad result and (C used a filter. If I reverted back to the previous WB they disappeared and if I kept the Gain at 0db, didn't use a filter and didn't attempt to push the WB too much when deep then I didn't get them at all. You only really see them when you have open water, but they are definitely still there with a background it is just that they are harder to see. Fortunately you can get rid of them when colour correcting by moving your midtones towards blue/green and reducing the gamma. If you have some sceenshots you can post it would be appreciated because if you are also seeing this then it is DEEPLY concerning as I genuinely thought it was something to do with the crappy 16mm pancake lens that I was using.
  12. Referred by Amphibico? If so I'd say that means it is highly doubtful. That seems to be very true indeed!
  13. I'm also thinking about experimenting with the Zeiss 24mm 1.8. It would give a 35mm equiv that wouldn't be a million miles away from what you'd get on a Sony Z1/5/V1/EX1 and Canon XF100/300. It should work very nice in clear water. Cheers, Simon
  14. Yes I did look at a couple of stock agencies for RM Public Performance rates, but they are generally per clip and not per second. I think we've come to an agreement now and I'm happy so thanks for the input! Cheers, Simon
  15. I wonder why the Housing has not made an appearance yet then hmmmmm. I think you've probably made the right move Thani - if I had an EX1 I doubt I would upgrade to the FS100 for underwater use, unless the compactness was essential. One of the major benefits that I've not mentioned is that I was able to get the camera, housing and all lenses/ports into my hand luggage without having to check a single item into the hold. That is a huge benefit to me as I travel so much. What thoughts did Sultan have after using the 10-18? Cheers, Simon
  16. Yeah he is a bit bigger now Drew and a bit more of a handful. His current party trick is to run around making Dinosaur noises. Boys! I used the FCP plugin and I'd conformed to 25p before I used Twixtor. To be honest I'd never even thought about trying it the other way around, but I'll give it a go. I've got AE CS6 now so I could give that a try now too. Cheers, Simon
  17. Just love that clear blue water in Guadalupe. I've had that happen at Gainsbaai, but the vis was so bad that I doubt the shark even knew that the cage was there! Cheers, Simon
  18. Nope Rebecca wasn't on our boat, although there are 4 that run Socorro trips so maybe she was on one of the others? Shame it would have been nice to meet up with aother Wetpixeler! No word on the Ninja2 housing from Ampbibico. I think I remember hearing that there were issues with the Ninja2 and Sony's lanc controls. Something like that. Let's hope they get resoloved! Interestingly I was just reviewing some Cocos footage shot on a 7D which had very similar conditions to Socorro with slightly greener water and 5m less vis. I think the summary I gave is pretty accurate. The 7D reproduces colours so much better underwater, but the FS100 is a huge leap in resolution and general image quality and that was using that crappy 16mm lens. Once I get the new E mount f4 10-18 underwater I think I'll see even better results and it may even give better colour reproduction too. I'll definitely test it out once I get my housing back (did I mention that I managed to break it?). I was going to do a full review of the Amphibico housing but I'm off to Fiji next month so I think I'll wait until after that now. So far it has been very nice to film with, although sharks seem to like it a little too much!! Cheers, Simon
  19. I've had some feedback elsewhere which suggests that 50% of broadcast rates is a good starting point for Public Display/Trade Shows/Exhibitions. Anyone agree/disagree with that? Cheers, Simon
  20. Hi Simon Yes I agree 100% that it is always worth asking what is in the budget and I'm already awaiting a response on that. I'm really just trying to get an idea on what this type of use is normally worth as I guess it is fairly rare use for Rights Managed footage. Cheers, Simon
  21. Does anyone have a link to per second rates for public display? Looking at a couple of minutes of footage for a 3-4 year exhibition display on giant screens. More/less than broadcast? More/less than web use? More/less than DVD use? There is an element of public conservation education involved so I'm happy to go in a little lower than usual, but for once I literally have no idea what to quote! Cheers, Simon
  22. Should just add that I'd really appreciate input from anyone who has been trying to colour correct in post to see what issues they have encountered! Cheers, Simon
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