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  1. On my NA-EM5, I use triple clamps at the ball joints and attach an 8" ULCS arm between the triple clamps. Triple clamps allow the addition of strobe arms on each side...if you were only using one strobe arm, then you wouldn't need a triple clamp for the other side. For my arm length adjustments, the 8" UCLS (measured o-ring to o-ring...total length is actually 9") Arm fits perfectly across the top, locks in the flexible nauticam handles, and is useful as a handle for carrying the rig.
  2. I purchased a Nauticam 45 degree viewfinder from eyu that he had listed in classifieds. The item arrived promptly, well packaged, and as described. eyu was very helpful in providing information allowing me to set it up correctly on my camera housing. I would not hesitate to buy something from him in the future. Highly recommended.
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