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  1. Hello Everyone! Need help in trying to find out what the following items are for and if they are required. I have an existing u/w set-up with 2 sea&sea strobes but want to change my camera and housing. I also want to upgrade to get wet lenses but I don't know what you need and all. I got a quote from an online vendor but wasn't sure if these were required or was something that was an extra because I read somewhere that the housing is with a 67mm thread already. Just trying to find some clarification. Sorry to sound like noob. Here's what I got and just need clarification on some of the parts included: Fantasea FRX1000 III housing for sony RX100 BigEye Lens M67 EyeDaptor M55-F67 M67 swing adaptor Subsee +5 magnifier looking forward to hearing everyone's opinions. Thanks everyone!!!!
  2. Hello everyone! just looking at setting up an rx100 underwater... got a quote from an store but I have no idea what it's for so I'm looking for answers. Will post on a different thread. Thanks in advance everyone!
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