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  1. I tried an eyefi 16gb pro card in a d7100 with laptop on the boat. It was pretty good at connecting as an adhoc network when I got back onto the boat, and ok for jpg but raw took forever to transfer. The card read/write speed also wasn't great. On balance I went back to the minor inconvenience of pulling the camera/card but getting better transfer speeds from hard wired connection. Have put the eyefi into one of the point and shoots and it's good for that.
  2. Hi, Thanks for rhe comments. Hopefully this'll help. 11-20: The 11-16 is almost a small enough range to just go to a prime, but zooming with fins gets tiring with a 115 steel . My thinking was that if I'm carrying a zoom in that range, it'd be good if it had a bit more range. It'd also give me some flexibility in the range cross over to a longer lens for critters I can't out fin!. It looks like a good lens, at a good price, and I can attest to that from the 11-16 so was really seeing if anyone else had tried it in ikelite kit preferably. I also have a 10.5FE and was considering going to primes but Murphy law will ensure I select the wrong one... 2.8/1.8: On reflection I guess this is historic preference having done most of my early photography with nikonos V and primes which are 2.8 and a faster bit of glass tends to provide more flexibility and carry fstop higher for given iso, and having all at 2.8 "feels" consistent/better. Maybe just my ocd kicking in! I take your point about DOF and was thinking flexibility for under overs on a close subject.. maybe I will rethink that but again everyone says the new sigma is a very sharp lens topside so thought I'd do the bleeding edge thing!
  3. Hi folks, Keen to get some feedback on lens/ports/diopters etc. I have a D7100 in an Ikelite housing with 8" dome and port extensions. I've been using the Tokina 11-16 which is sharp and fast, but a bit limited so really like the sound of the just released Tokina 11-20 f2.8. The 11-20 lens is about 5mm larger OD so wont slot through a port extension, but "I think" the barrel will go onto the camera OK with a 5510.22 port fitted to the housing, and I can then screw the 8" port on over the top of the lens... maybe... Has anyone tried that already? and if so did you use the 5510.22 or the 5510.24? Most importantly how does the 11-20 perform underwater? My other lens dilemna is some fast glass beyond 20mm. Like a fool I didn't check if the Nikon 14-24 actually fit in an ikelite port (it doesn't...). So might have to look at the Nikon 17-35/2.8? On paper (and via my wallet) I really like the look of the Sigma 18-35 f1.8 as an alternative but cant find any reviews if it's been tried underwater? Has anyone tried this lens? The Sigma has had mixed reviews for AF but the guys at the camera shop seem to think they sorted that using the Sigma USB dock and at 1.8 it could be pretty interesting with a magic filter in big water. Sorry for the long first post! Look forward to your comments.
  4. Hello, finally upgraded to a d7100 now sorting gear/lenses.
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