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  1. You are right Mataking Malaysia ... I wrote this message under the effect of jet lag and my initial stage of Alzheimer disease:P
  2. Thank you for your answer. with my therm " manual aperture priority " I am meaning that when I am shotting in Manual I usually change the aperture rather then the shutter speed. Example First shoot 1/125 F 11 --> too dark Andrea
  3. Hi, can someone explain me the usage of the diffuser on strobes?. I usually use it 'cos it seems to me I can reach more "soft" results... but it is maybe just a sensation Thank you Andrea
  4. I have a nikon d80 with a pair of strobe (ys-60 and ys-50). I only use manual setting with 200 iso for starting I usually shoot in " manual speed priority" In other words , depending on the subject I choose a shutter speed between 1/60 to 1/250 and then I change the diaphragm value accordingly with exposure. If I need some help , especially in macro mode, I change the Iso value at 100 or below. Only occasionally I remember that ys-60 has the ability to shoot half power. My questions are: - Am I doing right? - Do you use the exposure meter of the camera? 'cos I am totally unable to see it clearly! and I shoot the first frame with an estimate settings changing it after seeing the result. - I can't go further of 1/250 with this strobes otherwise I'll see the lower half picture dark. Is there a way for using faster shutter speed with my setting ? Thank you for sharing your science with me
  5. Thank you guys for your feedback, you found what part of the image was disturbing me. I'll try to crop as recommended. Thank you !!
  6. Hi Bonnie I am shooting in raw + jpeg normal , and I tried several attempt to recover the color in camera raw only but I obtained the best results (IMHO) reconstructing the red channel in photoshop. I'll be happy to learn more on raw conversion!! Keep me posted with you tutorial! Thx Andrea P.S thx all for the feedback!
  7. Shotted with a Nikon d80 in Mataking isladn Indonesia House reef. This is one of my first shot in wide angle mode with this optic ( and also in my life for telling the true :-) What do you think of it? maybe seems a little bit confused image don't you think so? Andrea
  8. Yes I reconstructed the red channel, it was some red information on it and maybe I hover corrected blending in normal way. I have also the raw version but maybe I have a lot to study cos I am unable to recover to much there this is a version in which I corrected the white balance first in raw image and played a bit with denoise Unfortunatly I forgot to reset the settings of the camera and the iso was at 800!! :-( thank you for your replay Andrea
  9. I know this photo isn't nothing special but the guy ritracted loved it and he would like to have a copy of it. following this useful guide http://wetpixel.com/i.php/full/getting-rid...derwater-blues/ i managed to correct this shot. Now after a lot of version of my work I can't judge the final results anymore can you give me your opinions? Thank you Andrea Giannozzi
  10. I use this guide for retouching in camera raw, but maybe I am missing something 'cos my results aren't so good:-( Thank you for answering me. Andrea
  11. Maybe I am making mistakes in retouching my photo in image raw , but the processed photo loookks for worse of the original jpeg processed by the camera... I have a lot of calibrating problem , I am buying a colorimeter for it , and my images look differents in different program on the same pc ( ps ,acdsee winxp viewer ecc..) take a look and give me your advice:-) Retouched Original jpeg
  12. Hi guys. I would like to know how you archive your photos. I usually take the original raw shoot, but which format for retouched images? Thank you
  13. Thank you Bartus ; I know the problem , I changed host and I am reuploading all files in this days. Thank you Andrea
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