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  1. Do you still have it Do you have two pieces Can you send this in France Thank you
  2. Hello What lens did you use ? nice picture phill
  3. Hello what light are you using thank you
  4. So instead of pointing out how cool your site is, how about actual suggestions on improvements and what could be changed? I will say first try to get nice picture or better pay an underwarter photographer to make them nice picture or buy directky from them i saw so much nice picture on this forum and then the saw all this poor weeb site We are here to make people dreaming
  5. just wanted to say how poor is the design of all the Underwater festivall website and not promoting mine, i don't need this i really think they have to improve it And nowaday, it is not that hard to make something aceptable just have a look by yourself http://www.underwater-festival.com/ http://www.kpa.co.rs/ http://www.emu.edu.tr/underwaterfestival/ http://www.celebratethesea.oneocean.com/ http://www.vodamoreoceany.cz/eng/index.php http://www.beneaththesea.org/ http://www.goldendolphin.ru/en/index.html http://www.blueoceanfilmfestival.org/ http://www.nelosfilmfestival.be http://silvershark.org.ua/ http://www.festisub.ch/ http://www.kpa.co.yu/
  6. they also revised the french one http://www.underwater-festival.com/ it's a bit better than before but way far from 2010 web 2 or web 3
  7. completely revised and updated !!! We are in 2010 and it's look like my first web site back in in the 90 hope they didn't pay for it look at mine you will see the diference http://www.la-video-sous-marine.com/
  8. ok i found it i was expeting i title like: blue ring octopus not Lembeh Straits Muck Diving Nov 2009
  9. I went to View New Posts and nothing !!! so i just don't now where to go see video i am not used to this forum perhaps and i have plenty of time otherwire i will never had ansered to your post
  10. "See new topic " just put a link don't have to look everywhere thanks
  11. don't work this is must be http://www.youtube.com/user/phmadeira#g/c/C6AEE150408853BD
  12. is put i big watermark relating to my website http://www.youtube.com/user/phmadeira#p/c/...53BD/3/VRn1Skc_
  13. hello i am a bit surprise thought will have less deaph of flied what was your lens did you use full automatique mode and what was the f-stop It is hard to see in Vimeo, but all the suject was in good Focus did you throw away a lot of rush thank you
  14. hello sorry don 't have your answer , but have another question do you have an exemple of video somewhere on internet and what housing do you use philippe
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