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  1. Hi, Pedro, I'm looking for a Seacam screw-fit dome port to fit my 1994 Seacam housing (which I have to date only been using with a flat port for macro photography). Is your dome port compatible? If so, what lens is it optimised for? Kind regards and many thanks, Roger
  2. I need some advice on focus settings for Motomarine II when using the 16mm W/A converter. Do I just set the focus according to the standard focus adjustment scale? I'm on a dive trip in Western Australia at the moment and my camera has flooded, but I've been loaned a Motomarine for a few days. Any help very much appreciated.
  3. Sea and Sea Motormarine II - desperate question. Hi, I'm Roger, Australia, with a just flooded Nikonos V after 29 happy years together. Currently in Western Australia to photograph whale sharks and have to resort to using a Sea and Sea Motormarine II with 16mm W/A converter. Question - do I just set the focus as per the standard focus settings, or is there some adjustment to be made when using the W/A converter. Any help/advice/guidance/commiserations will reduce my trauma.
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