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  1. I actually dive in the great lakes. My comment was only slightly sarcastic. I kinda wondered if it fluctuated much.
  2. just fyi i guess, but I generally find it distasteful to run random exe's I download. I'm sure theres nothing malicious here, but for maximum exposure (sorry for pun) I'd perhaps use another way for distributing pics on forums. Do you have the pics available elsewhere?
  3. just good practice when trying something out new (especially console commands): make sure you try it on some dummy data to understand what you're doing. Sucks when you jump the gun and copy/paste some goofy thing you found on google only to botch your data up. Not that its happened to me of course... ahem. of course in this case, the commands are just what you need and work like a charm. but its still a good idea.
  4. Seems to me octopulse is on the right track. I generally find getting involved in some project is likely to keep me honest and productive. Perhaps you want to come up with your own project though. Another thought I had was contacting a professor at a university and prehaps trying to set up a new curriculum. Perhaps some kind of 2 year degree or some sort of certificate program to offer more general ocean studies degrees. Me, I'd try to work with a program like octopulse suggests. I too like a little pressure to force me to be productive, but you don't want it to ruin your fun either.
  5. just don't swim like a terrorist... you'll be fine!
  6. great pics. I really liked the orangutan crab shot.
  7. The reflection in #2 is really interesting. Nice work!
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