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  1. I wanted to correct a mistake but couldn't find the "edit" link anymore, so I am doing it as a reply. In the last line of the description the correct text would be: Replacement tray WITHOUT handle (EUR 20,-) The current price if buying this equipment new would thus be EUR 4.280,- Selling price : EUR 2.500,-
  2. I am selling my underwater photo equipment based on a Sony RX100 with a lot of accessories. The equipment is in a good condition and works without problems. I have used this equipment to take many great photos and - almost more importantly - superb videos. Since our second child will be born soon I will not be on diving holidays for some time and would therefore like to sell my equipment. It would be a pity having it just lying around. The exceptional thing about the equipment is the possibility to change lenses under water (called “wet lenses”). During a dive you can use the standard „flat“ port of the housing but still be able to change to macro or fish eye on the fly. This is ideal for holiday divers like myself since one usually does not do many specialized dives where one knows what kind of photos to expect in advance. Thanks to the strobe and the video light this set is perfectly suited for photos as well as videos. The Sony RX100 records videos with 1080p50 which means 50 full frames per second – thereby generating exceptionally nice and natural video images. Included is the following (I have also inserted the approximate current price for new equipment as a reference): Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 black (EUR 340,-) with second battery and external charger (EUR 55,-) Recsea Sony RX100 underwater housing (EUR 760,-) Video light: F.I.T. Pro Series LED 6500 Super Nova Video Light (EUR 990,-) Strobe: Sea & Sea YS-D1 Strobe (EUR 700,-) + fiber optic cable for triggering (EUR 40,-) UWL-04 Fisheye Lens (EUR 425,-) 2x Dyron +7 Diopter Macro Lens 77mm (each EUR 150,-) Tray with 2 handles (EUR 100,-) Nauticam double Lens Holder (EUR 100,-) 2x Triple Clamps, 4x Double Clamps (EUR 100,-) several necessary adapters (EUR 150,-) necessary buoyancy devices (ca. EUR 80,-) 2x double ball arms (EUR 60,-) Cetacea Quick-Release Cloth Coil Lanyard (EUR 30,-) Mounting possibility for separate (2nd) lamp (EUR 30,-) Replacement tray with 1 handle (EUR 40,-) The current price if buying this equipment new would thus be EUR 4.300,- Selling price : EUR 2.500,- I am based in Austria, Vienna and it is possible to inspect the equipment if you live close enough. Since I am selling this used equipment as a private seller I cannot give warranty of any kind.
  3. Yes, the scratched dome port is still available. Just FYI: just two weeks ago I was able to have another dome port successfully polished that I use in another setup (this one had the scratches on the outside). I have learned that auto repair shops have the equipment to polish acrylic domes because they use the same method to remove scratches from headlights on cars. So it might also still be possible to repair the Ikelite dome.
  4. All of the items have been well looked after and have had very little use (some are even new) with the exception of the dome (see below). They are listed below with prices and photos: Ikelite Smart Charger for NiMH and NiCad (Product Number 4066.1): € 50,- Modular 4.125-inch Lens Extension (Product Number 5510.22): € 80,- Ikelite TTL Sync Cord for Ikelite DS Series Strobes: € 40,- Tray with Quick Release Handles - used for Canon 20D and 7D Housing (number printed inside: 0611), including weight: € 50,- Ikelite SLR Zoom Sleeve Set (Product Number 5509.28) - includes zoom clamp 9059.9: € 10,- Ikelite SLR Zoom Sleeve Set (Product Number 9059.8/zoom clamp + 0073/zoom sleeve): € 10,- Many spare parts - please look at the photo (you should be able to read the Product Numbers on the photo) and make me an offer if you need anything! (!)Damaged(!) Ikelite 8" Dome Port with Shade and Cover (Product Number 5510.45) - has been scratched from the inside by the edges of a lens (mounted without proper extension ring): if you have use for a scratched dome or need a shade or cover please contact me with an offer I'm based in Vienna, Austria, Europe. Items can be collected, delivery can be arranged at cost. With regards to payment, I will accept cash on collection, bank transfer in advance and Paypal in advance (fees need to be covered by the purchaser). There is no warranty of any kind on any of the products and I cannot offer any refund or exchange.
  5. I am interested in buying an Ikelite 8" Dome Port. I don't need the Shade and Cover, a Port Body or neoprene cover as I'm just looking for a replacement for mine which I scratched badly :-( I'm looking of course for a scratch free version of the Dome and need shipping to Vienna, Austria!
  6. Hi Amadeo, I always try to sell used gear for about half the price of the current market price for the new version. For reference I'm using a shop in Austria that offers the housing: http://shop.nautica.at/index.php?main_page..._1018_1041_1020 I would therefore like to have about € 750,- for my housing. Please tell me what you think about that price! Regards, Georg
  7. Hi, I'd like to sell my Ikelite Housing for a Canon 20D. The housing is working and fully functional - reason for sale is my upgrade to 40D. Product website: http://www.ikelite.com/web_pages/2d20canon.html Included is the tray with both quick release handles but no dome (since I will continue to use my domes for the 40D). If you are interested please phone or make an offer via PM or reply to this post, including a price. A buyer within the EU would be best because there would be no problems with customs. A final detail: I will not be able to send the Housing before August 18th, 2008 because I will be on holiday until that day! Georg Havelka (+436503173003)
  8. Thanks for the many answers! I think I will try shooting manual as all of you suggested it should be possible. After that I will decide if I'll upgrade. Thanks again for your help! Georg
  9. Hi! I've just bought a DS-125 via ebay a few days ago and the seller mentioned the serial number in the auction. At first I didn't give it a thought but now I read on the Ikelite homepage that some models (between serial 2500-4999) need updates to fully use TTL with the Ikelite housing for the 20D (http://www.ikelite.com/web_pages/uttlssnreq2.html). I had no idea that there are different types of DS-125 but mine is of course one of those that apparently need the update (serial 2883). Does anybody have an idea what kind of update this is and if it's really necessary? Is it just TTL that won't work and can I use the strobe in manual mode? Or will it not work at all? Another question: Ikelite told me that this update can only be done in the US and this of course adds shipping costs. They charge 100USD and take 4 weeks. Adding the time for shipping to and from the US this means about 8 weeks (since I'm located in the EU) Does anybody know of a company/dealer that does this upgrade in Europe? Preferrably Austria or Germany? Thanks for any help! Regards, Georg
  10. @underwatercolours: thanks for the extensive tips! regarding live-aboard: time is not an issue for us but money is... :-( is there a good and cheap live-aboard that you can recommend? otherwise i think we'll take kai viti! bye, gehav
  11. Hi james! Thanks very much for this tip! I think we will try diving with Kai Viti Divers. Only problem is that they are on Viti Levu. I heard that it's better to stay on the Mamanuca Islands during December because there is less rain there. bye, gehav
  12. Hello! Can anybody recommend a diving operator on Fiji? A friend of mine and myself will be there from December 17th 2005 to January 2nd 2006 and we want to do some diving! (Not all the time that we'll be there but maybe 10 days) Liveaboard boats would be great but shouldn't be too expensive :-) Also can anybody tell me what the weather/visibility will be at this time of year? Thanks in advance for any help! bye, gehav
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