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  1. I cannot thank you guys enough for this thread! New member here but for some reason I could not post a new topic in the member Introductions thread. I scratched my dome port up getting slammed in to a shallow sand-bank shooting some surfing recently and was really stressed about the cost of getting it replaced, plus shipping to deepest darkest Africa which always nails us on top of a difficult exchange rate. After reading this and ordering the micro-mesh kit I made the call to try what I could whilst waiting for shipment/delivery. I got lucky and tried a 4-step emery board which was a nylon mesh/material and not sandpaper and it buffed my port out enough so the scratches are still slightly visible, but not coming out in my photos. Result! I will try post some photos soon. I will also give the port a proper going over once the micro-mesh kit arrives. I really just wanted to stop by and thank you guys for the input which saved me literally hundreds of $s
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