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  1. Around 10m Is this a Painted Fryeria - Fryeria picta?
  2. Hello All I've had a Olympus mju400 and housing for over a year now. I really enjoy taking photos and some turn out quite well. I have no external flash and so have been limited to close up Macro at depth and of course the viz has to be good to ensure no scatter - not something that happens much in the UK. I was think of getting an external flash, possibly as Sea & Sea YS-25 Auto, but at the same time I started thinking that I may want to upgrade to a bigger CCD camera or even an SLR, so may be the Sea & Sea YS-90 Auto was a better choice and I'd be able to do better non-macro shots. Will the YS-90 suit my compact and a future SLR? Ben
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