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  1. I'm glad I was helpful Based on my personal experience, it would have been extremely difficult to take macro shots with the 105mm. I did use the 60mm macro lens quite a bit, though. The attached image is one I took with a 60mm lens in the currents of Cozumel. As far as using the 105mm, I never even tried it. It also depends a lot on the current you experience on the dives you are on. I've been on dives in absolutely ripping current, where taking an image wasn't even an option. On those dives, it was more like "hang on for dear life!" OTOH, I've been on dives where the current was mild and I was able to wait for the right shot. Definitely bring the 105mm, though, as you will find it useful on shore dives next to the hotel. It helps a lot if you find yourself in big current to go low beneath the coral heads. I tried that after the DM suggested it and found it make a lot of difference. It will be quieter there and much easier to get images. Swimming against the current is not an option, at least not as far as taking images. Maybe some have been successful at it, but I would think you'd have to be Arnold Schwartzenegger if it were even humanly possible! One of the draws of Cozumel, IMHO, in addition to the awesome diving, is the friendly atmosphere of the locals, the restaurants which serve food at reasonable prices, great shopping opportunities [OK, I've bought some silver jewelry for myself and others at killer prices] with the opportunity to bargain, and the activities at the Town Square on Sundays. Everyone should go to Cozumel at least once! Ellen
  2. Kim, Thanks for sharing your images from your recent trip to Belize with us. I'd say you're off to a great start in underwater photography. I even enjoyed the topside shot of the palm tree Ellen
  3. Hi Gus, Even though it's an all-inclusive, you might consider Scuba Club Cozumel. I've been there twice in the past couple years, both times as a particpant in Bonnie Pelnar's Underwater Photography Workshop. I have a big DSLR with an aluminum housing and use two strobes. It's not been a problem to take images with the rig even in the current for which Cozumel is well known. Macro, though, I've found. can be difficult especially if you're using a lens like the 105mm. The usual way to dive in Cozumel is with a Divemaster and yes, you're pretty much expected to stay with the group. However, what I like about Scuba Club Cozumel is there is an opportunity to do shore diving right in back. Just sign out a tank and you can go in the water pretty much anytime. You can take images at your own speed without having to pay attention to where the divemaster leads you. Some friends of mine have taken some killer macro shots on these shore dives. When I went there last summer, Scuba Club Cozumel had initiated a meal plan where you aren't locked into dinner at Scuba Club Cozumel. You can eat at any restaurant in town while enjoying the convenience of breakfast and lunch just mere steps from your room. Hope that helps. Ellen
  4. It was when I was diving with Jeff last fall in Tulamben that I first heard about the subsee. He recommended that I contact Keri about getting one. Since I own the 105mm VR lens, it sounds like the new SubSee will complement my lens collection very well. I would like to order one from you. Please advise how I can do that. It will be perfect to take with me when I dive with Alex Mustard in January 2010 in Grand Cayman at his workshop. By then, Alex will have tested it thoroughly and I can benefit from his knowledge of how to use it Ellen
  5. Thanks for these images Bonnie! It was a most pleasant surprise to see you at the show! Little did I know that working at the Wetpixel booth would be so much fun. It was a momentous event for me to use my new D300 for the very first time outside of the confines of my home. What could be better than a dive show and Wetpixel for my new D300's inaugural event? And a big, huge thanks to Jean of Aquatica. He so very kindly offered to let me borrow his 17-35 lens to use at the show. And this in spite of the fact that I'd never met him before! Guess that Wetpixel badge convinced him that I was a soul he could trust There should be some images and a report posted soon. Most of the images were taken with Jean's 17-35, which is one heck of a fantastic lens. Jean also joined Micheala and I for dinner that night. What a great ending to a great day. Ellen
  6. Hi, First of all, welcome to Wetpixel. Don't worry. That kind of thing seems to happen to all of us But, the good news is that now you know we're here and we're happy to answer any questions you, or others, may have. Feel free to post away if you have something on your mind. Ellen
  7. Thanks for the excellent trip report and taking the time to put it together. It was a most enjoyable read and I found myself saying to myself "Now that's a destination I must visit!" several times while reading the report. Congrats on seeing various critters for the very first time, that really adds to the excitement. Sorry to hear about the compressor dying not once but twice and being limited to diving on air instead of nitrox. But it sounds like the rest of your experiences more than made up for it. The gallery of images was spectacular. When I saw some of the images of the sea snake, especially the close up of the snake's face, I found myself thinking that the photographer was extremely brave! Ellen
  8. [quote name='robbarker' date='Apr 10 2009 Take cotton buds with you so you can clean O ring grooves throughly, and make sure you have no dust, sand or hair on your O ring or in the groove before you put it back together. Excellent summary. I would just add a suggestion that you use eye makeup applicators that are made of sponge-like material rather than cotton buds. The ones made out of cotton can leave threads in the O ring grooves, whereas those made out of sponge-like material do not do this. These eye makeup applicators can be found in the same section of any store that sells eye makeup for women. Ellen
  9. I'm glad I got the word on the site that this new PM links to. That's the last thing I want to look at. And if I did I'd probably Kudos to Wetpixel for their efforts in getting rid of this pest. Ellen
  10. Mr. Nolan, You're not looking too good at the moment. I have a real problem with someone who complains that the prize wasn't awarded because of non-payment of the entry fee, yet displays the entry as the winner. You can't have it both ways. I think what happened here was that someone at your place made an error and you're trying to cover it up with excuses that the entry fee was not paid and therefore you can't award the prize. Robyn, in good faith, entered the contest, called up with a credit card payment, found out she was a winner and expected to be rewarded according to the stated rules of the contest. The fact that your staff goofed (which I can't prove but suspect is what happened) and failed to follow up and collect the fee should not prevent Robyn from getting her well deserved prize. What makes it worse is that you sent her a PM last week to let her know of the denial. Your behavior is less than admirable. A public apology, IMHO, would be the best course of action for you, followed up by the awarding of the prize to Robyn. Ellen
  11. Hi Dano, Welcome to Wetpixel! As you've seen by lurking here, it's a great place I took a look at your website and was very impressed with your snowboard photography. You've got some great images there! Thanks for sharing them with us. I've been to Whistler before and your images helped me to see the place in an entirely new light! It's clear to me that your enormous talent in topside photography will no doubt carry over to your underwater photography. I can't answer your question directly, but I'm going to steer you to the following place, Reef Photo and Video: Reef Photo A lot of folks on this board buy their uw photo gear from Reef Photo, including myself, and have been very pleased. I encourage you to contact Ryan Canon at Reef Photo. I'm not sure about the exchange rate at the moment, but if it's favorable enough for you to buy in the US, you won't be disappointed with both their sales and service. Also, I'm sure some of the Canadians who post here will jump in with their recommendations. Again, I warmly welcome you to wetpixel. Ellen
  12. Gotta love those very stylish (and colorful) rings What a heartwarming event for you to have an opportunity to take images of! I did get to witness one underwater wedding. As it happened, when I was on the boat in Cozumel a couple years ago, two folks on the boat were getting married that day. Underwater, of course! We had an opportunity to see the joyous nuptials. The clothes they wore, though, don't even begin to compare to the clothes worn by this couple Ellen
  13. The photo equipment will definitely add task loading to your dives. Don't be put off by this, though. It should take only a few dives to get used to carrying around all the extras you've not been used to having with you when you did your previous dives. If you have access to a computer when you're in Belize, feel free to come back here and ask questions if any come up during your dive trip. Ellen
  14. Ron, Thanks for a very interesting and detailed summary of your trip to the Lembeh Straits. You certainly used the opening of your trip report to great advantage to draw the reader in When you finally described what the new species was, I had to laugh Like you, I used Singapore Airlines to fly from SFO to Singapore via Seoul, Korea and stayed at the transit hotel in Singapore. I also worked in a couple of extra days at the end of my trip to see what Singapore had to offer. I had wondered what the new resort was like and what Mike and Simon were doing to get the place in order for all the uw photographers that would visit the resort. Now it's definitely high on my list of resorts to stay at the next time I visit the Lembeh Straits. Ellen
  15. Very nice images! Thanks for sharing them. Ellen
  16. Hi, iWatermark is a program that costs only $20 and produces a visible watermark.. Here's the link: iWatermark According to the web site, iWatermark is the world's # 1 watermarking application for Mac and Windows. On the linked page, click on the link "About Watermarking" and you will be taken to a Ken Rockwell article about visible and invisible watermarks. Hope that helps! Ellen
  17. Hi Scott, Are you talking about a watermark like what I have in the lower right hand corner of this image? There are also watermarks that you can't see that prevent others from using your image but I'm guessing you are talking about something like the text in my image. It can be done in Photoshop using a text layer. Others perhaps can provide links to specific directions on how to do it. I did try to do it in Photoshop Elements but it wasn't that easy to do in Elements. The one in my image above, however, was made using Photo Mechanic. I'm already looking forward to the one you will come up with. You are so artistic that it's bound to be a winner Ellen
  18. I look forward to that revised comparison. Since my HG20DX light flooded in Indonesia last fall, I've been looking at replacements. The LED1000 is looking especially appealing since I'll be able to use the HG20DX battery in it. I also liked the feature that you can control the light remotely while holding on to the housing. Ellen
  19. The following link should answer some of your questions. Near the end of the article, it also explains Aiming Light Control. Inon Strobe Information I hope that helps. If you have any other questions, please feel free to post them here. Ellen
  20. Here's what I like about it: If you slice the image diagonally by drawing a line from upper right to lower left, I do like the part below the diagonal line, in other words, the bottom right portion of the image. It looks like it has a tremendous amount of potential and has a lot of good things going for it. Here's what I don't like about it: Again, if you slice the image diagonally as above, I don't care for the part above the diagonal line, in other words, the upper left portion of the image. As the others have said, it's out of focus and it is not appealing to me at all. Ellen
  21. Here's an S-2000 that's currently on ebay: Link to S-2000 Strobe Only negatives seem to be the $40 cost to ship and the fact that the manual is in Japanese. You could probably get an English language manual without too much difficulty. Ellen
  22. Ahh, I must tell my college age daughter to visit Wetpixel as part of her education informing her of the lines that the guys will use on her Ellen PS Great pics BTW!
  23. Hi, Here's the insurance I've used in the past. They have paid promptly on two claims I had and I was very pleased. it's also easy to sign up online and coverage is immediate as soon as you've entered the necessary information. H20 Insurance Although I've heard others have been able to insure more inexpensively using their homeowner's insurance, I've always been reluctant to do so for fear they would cancel my homeowner's insurance. I'm sure you'll get a variety of responses as to the best choice of insurance. Ellen
  24. No need to apologize about the images, Scott. There are two of them that I really like. Good luck on the macro shots at PFP! That's a great place for macro. I bet you'll get a bunch of nice images with that new D300 of yours Have fun at PFP and please pass along my best birthday wishes to Kay. Ellen
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